Why Distance education is ideal for working parents?

Being a parent is more than a 9-5 job. It requires you to be on your toes despite it being a weekend!

With the undercurrent of rapidly increasing inflation, it has become necessary for both parents to work to provide a sustainable lifestyle for their children.

However, this situation is especially difficult for those working mothers who struggle to be their perfect selves on all fronts.

The late-night work calls, exhausting work hours, pending school projects & homework, food to cook, bills to pay, laundry piling up, and lack of sleep. Does this resonate with you? 

If the answer to all the questions was a resounding yes, then you are the perfect example of a working parent hanging by the thread.

But do you ever feel that being a parent has made you sweep aside your career aspirations, and thwarted your growth & career development?

Here is your chance to pull up your socks and be at the forefront of career development. Your chance to grab the growth opportunities as they go zooming by.

Upskilling and upgrading your knowledge is the key to staying relevant. This is where distance education steps in to help you balance your work, life and academics. Here’s how distance or online learning plays a vital role in upskilling – 

  • Flexibility – Online learning programs are to the point and add value to the resume. They provide the flexibility of studying while working. They do not require the candidate to attend classes on a physical campus and spend the whole day and eventually 2-4 years. The online classes are mostly based on self-paced learning model giving you maximum flexibility.
  • Focused learning – The courses are designed in a way that they focus on the skills necessary for the domain, are applicable, and are updated. 
  • Soft skills – These courses also focus on soft skills such as communication, corporate ethics and social responsibility. Soft skills are the most sought-after skills by employers.
  • Age-limit – These courses do not have any age criteria and hence can be pursued by anyone looking to gain knowledge at any age.
  • No eligibility criteria – Distance education institutes generally do not have any eligibility criteria, thus making higher education easily accessible.
  • Acceptability – Courses & certifications from reputed and Government recognized institutes have acceptability worldwide.
  • Technology – With evolving technology, the teaching-learning process has evolved. Latest Learning Management Systems like Canvas are making the learning experience hassle-free and easy for students. Thus enhancing the learning experience.
  • Affordability – The online courses have a price range of Rs. 500 – Rs. 2,00,000 or more, thus making online education open for people of any financial strata.
  • ROI – Since these courses are customised to be domain-specific and impart the latest knowledge, the candidate can be easily absorbed in the industry. Thus yielding a high return on investment.
  • Affiliation – If the course is provided by any University or a recognized and reputed institute like IIMs, Welingkar, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management or MIT School of Distance Education, the candidate upon completion of the course may get an alumni status of that institute.
  • Certification – Upon completion of the course, the candidate is awarded a degree or diploma or certificate of completion which is a valuable addition to the resume.

MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) is a distance learning institute that understands the current skills gap in the market and strives hard to reduce it. For this purpose, MITSDE brings to you PG Diploma in Management. It is an online course designed specifically for working professionals looking to upskill themselves without having to forego their job.

The PGDM courses focuses on technical and soft skills development to help individuals rise high on the career ladder.

MITSDE also offers a dedicated team of student success managers working day-in and day-out to bring to you a unique learning experience by assisting you in every step of your academic journey.

A placement cell and its offerings like resume-building and career-building sessions help you to secure a rewarding career.

Lastly, initiatives like MITSDE Labs and Harbour offer you a perfect blend of practical hands-on training and psychological counselling.

Thus, MITSDE offers you a complete package to thrive in your career.