Best Specializations in Correspondence MBA after B.A., B.Com Graduation

Gone are the days when being a doctor or an engineer was the primary goal of many youngsters and parents. Today, plenty of exciting career choices exist for B.A. and B. Com graduates and one is never short of fulfilling and well-paying jobs, provided one has bolstered his or her academic qualifications with niche skills and industry expertise. Enrolling in an MBA specialization can be a wise choice here if you want to garner deep industry insights and be on top of the latest trends that are emerging in your chosen field.

If you thought that an MBA is not a viable option as you do not have the luxury to opt for time-consuming full-time programs, then you need not fret as MITSDE brings to you flexible one and two-year Correspondence MBA equivalent courses that have been thoughtfully designed by industry experts to give students a competitive edge while bearing in mind one’s time constraints.

So, what are the specializations that blend in harmoniously with your degree in Arts or Commerce? Here’s a list of a few of the popular Distance MBA courses that are striking a chord with the country’s B.A. and B.Com talent pool.

Distance MBA in Information Technology

Irrespective of whether you hold a B.A. or a B.Com degree, you can pursue MITSDE’s PGDBA in Information Technology if you want to seek advantage of the digital wave that is currently sweeping the country. India’s thriving IT industry boasts a workforce of almost 10 million professionals and is always on the lookout for talented professionals with sound technical understanding. If you too want to hop on the IT bandwagon, then it’s important that you brush up your awareness of the latest happenings in the IT world by joining MITSDE’s PGDBA in Information Technology. Apart from teaching you the basics of Management Information systems (MIS), Operating Systems, and Database Management systems, the course also touches upon Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and popular programming languages such as Java and C++, thereby serving as the apt curriculum for a rewarding career in IT.

Correspondence MBA in Marketing

A Distance MBA in Marketing is especially suited for dynamic individuals who have a gift of the gab, a natural flair for creativity, impressive collaboration, persuasive and convincing skills, and an uncanny ability to put themselves in the other person’s shoes in order to understand and appreciate the latter’s distinct needs and wants. If you are a B.A. or a B.Com graduate who finds his or her calling in fields such as Sales, Advertising, or Market Research, then leverage MITSDE’s PGDBA in Marketing Management to help you realize your dreams successfully. The unique two-year correspondence MBA boasts a well-curated course curriculum that takes into account Legal Framework & Business, International Marketing, Advertisement & Sales Promotion, Product & Brand Management, and many other important marketing essentials that will enhance your understanding of domestic and international markets and also sharpen your ability to tap into your target audience’s buying patterns in order to package and promote customized products that stand out for their novelty, cost-effectiveness, and purposefulness.

Distance MBA in Finance

If you are a B.Com graduate who swears by his or her innate love for numbers or a B.A. graduate who wishes to make a foray into the exhilarating domain of Finance, then MITSDE’s PGDBA in Finance suits you. The correspondence MBA course perfects your existing accounting know-how and also endows you with critical financial concepts such as investment planning and management, corporate tax planning, and financial forecasting/budgeting/reporting while simultaneously expanding your awareness of capital markets and financial institutions. The exhaustive curriculum is much sought after by those who envision themselves in dynamic banking and financial roles such as Bank Managers, Portfolio Managers, Auditors, Tax Planners, Finance Controllers, Finance Managers, and treasurers in reputed banks, insurance companies, and MNCs.

Distance MBA in Retail Management

A distance management course in Retail Management is highly recommended for B.A. and B.Com graduates who want to make the most of the global e-commerce boom that promises lucrative and exciting career options for ambitious and energetic candidates. One of the fastest-growing sectors in India and across the globe, a specialization in Retail Management will ensure that you are well equipped with the necessary skills to address and exploit the unique challenges and opportunities of the burgeoning and rapidly evolving retail industry. Add to this MITSDE’s illustrious one-year course structure that provides you with a fresh perspective on various aspects of retail such as Retail Marketing, Strategic Retail Management, Retail Sales & Customer Service, Distribution, Merchandising, etc. and you emerge more empowered and better prepared to take a plunge into the umpteen career opportunities that exist with top-notch FMCG brands, banks, IT companies and e-commerce giants like ITC, Future Group, Aditya Birla Retail, ICICI Bank, Infosys, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

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