Trends in Edtech Industry

Impact of the CoVID-19 has ultimately resulted in shutdown of the schools all over the globe. As a result, there is a drastic change in the education system that has paved the way for importance of online learning. Globally, more than 1.1 billion students are out of the classroom. According to World Economic Forum, even before COVID-19, the global edtech investments comprised of US$ 18.66 Bn in 2019 which is anticipated to grow more than US$ 350 Bn by 2025. Through e-learning the classroom space and accommodation space are no longer limiting factors. Whether it’s virtual tutoring, language apps, online software learning tools, or video conference sessions, there has been drastic use amidst pandemic. Some of the importance of online learning as stated as below:

Online learning is very flexible as many learners could access training material easily at any desired time. Students locating in remote locations could easily access the e-learning facility which is very convenient rather than travelling to the school or college

Wider variety of fields to choose from
There are numerous coursework, online degrees, and various certification courses offered on the e-learning platform. It has become very easy for a student in Africa or Antarctica to pursue education of own choice. Indeed, it is the power of online learning!

Cost effectiveness
Through e-learning opportunities it saves the cost of travelling for the instructors and students. Thereby, it also reduces carbon emissions. Ultimately, it helps to save expenditure that could be spent on travelling and accommodation.

Better participation and individual instruction
Learners have the complete liberty to interact with the respective online tutor as opposed to classroom interaction. It helps the learners to understand the concepts very clearly.

Consistency in course delivered
Everyday teaching in a classroom is different. Qualitative and quantitative consistencies are one of the prime factors for the importance of online learning.

Flexible timetables
Rigid timetables in schools and colleges have impacted the memory loss and lack of interest in the coursework. In e-learning platforms, the students have the option to pause the course midway through the tutorial, and resume at a later time, or date.

In the Corporate World
Although e-learning is most widely used in pursuing courses for college and school students. It has found its significance in the corporate world as well. Several corporate companies use modules to help in educating its staff through MOOC, Storyline, etc. tests and several learning and training modules. It not only helps firms to educate staff while cutting costs, but also helps to save time.