Distance MBA – The benefits of learning online

A professional working in a particular domain for over a period of time usually desists from hard-core theory and the classroom type teaching-learning process. Working professionals aiming to pursue a degree are looking for value addition to their skill set. This is where distance education comes into the picture.

A Post Graduate Diploma or Distance Masters of Business Administration are those certificate programs that offer long term benefits. According to a study, 86% of learners believe that they have benefitted more from the distance MBA programmes than they have paid for it. Distance learning offers a holistic approach to cover all the necessary aspects of a particular domain while emphasizing the practicality of the same.

Who should do a distance MBA or online PGDM?

Distance MBA or PG diploma is a two-year online learning course. It offers the practical insights needed to have a successful career in any industry. It not only gives theoretical knowledge but also a practical approach to the theory learned through interaction with industry experts.

Distance MBA or PGDM is ideal for people who wish to upgrade their skill set, looking for career growth, sector/domain shift, or to retouch upon the basics and learn about the current happenings in the domain.

Benefits of Learning Online:

  1. Convenient – The distance MBA or PGDM is more convenient compared to traditional institutional learning as it does not require the learner to go to college and sit in classes for long hours
  2. Cost-effective fee structure – Traditional institutional MBA or PGDM costs on an average nothing less than 7 lakhs for 2 years, distance MBA offers a cost-effective solution for those not wanting to spend a fortune.
  3. Flexible – Distance MBA or PGDM offers a Flexi-timing, self-paced learning model due to which the learners can view lessons on their time and at their own pace. 
  4. Learning Experience – Learners get a chance to interact with industry experts through guest sessions or webinars, sharing their knowledge and experiences adding value to the teaching-learning process
  5. Practical approach – Distance MBA or PGDM has a practical approach to the theory due to the regularly updated syllabus and curriculum designed to suit industry skillset requirements.
  6. Recognition – A reputed distance learning institute such as MIT School of Distance Education gives the learner that extra edge when it comes to recruiters looking for skilled professionals with industry-ready skillsets.
  7. Learn while you earn – Learners are not time-bound as is the case with traditional institutions, hence they can study after their office or work hours

In conclusion, it can be said that Distance learning MBA or PGDM can be the one-stop solution for those working individuals looking for upskilling and hoping for fast growth in their professional lives.