Importance of Distance PGDBA / MBA Course in Operations Management and Who Should Do It

A multidisciplinary function that forms the foundation of any business entity or industry that one can think of, Operations is a critical and a challenging domain that influences the success and growth of every profit and non-profit organisation in the world. Unlike common belief, operations management is not limited to the monitoring of people and processes alone but also permeates into various other inter-dependent functional areas such as Finance, HR, IT, Quality, Training etc. Owing to its broad scope and all-inclusive nature, the importance of operations management has increased manifold in the last few decades. Today, it enjoys the distinction of a technology-enabled, specialised function that focuses on delivering cutting-edge business impact and unparalleled client satisfaction with the creation and timely provision of high-quality and scalable goods and services through effective and optimal utilisation of varied inputs in the form of human and material resources, capital, technology, information etc.

MBA Course in Operations Management and Who Should Do It

Exploiting the latest tools and technologies that are available in the market to drive efficiency, pre-empting future trends in the changing industry landscape and taking proactive measures to adapt existing processes to upcoming trends, controlling operational costs and boosting a company’s profitability are few of the key objectives of this far-reaching domain. Maintaining healthy client relationships, enhancing brand loyalty, improving employee productivity and team morale, undertaking process improvement initiatives, ensuring quality output, standardising existing processes and procedures and implementing robust and streamlined processes are some of the major goals of an efficient operations management strategy.

How can Operations Management Courses Benefit Your Career?

Even though the role of an operations manager requires one to manifest himself or herself as a generalist with a holistic outlook of a particular situation, one needs to develop specialised skills in order to excel in their operation roles. Trained and qualified operations managers are always in demand across a wide gamut of industries and business verticals as they have the necessary knowledge, organizational skills and strategic thinking & decision-making abilities that are required to deftly plan, analyse, structure, allocate, coordinate and supervise a host of operations management activities and overcome planned and unplanned business challenges in a proficient manner. Several lucrative operations management jobs are on offer for these professionals who are adept in handling myriads of roles and responsibilities that range from execution of zero-surprise operations and management of clients, teams and stakeholders to overseeing of financial budgets and generation of reports to extract and analyse meaningful trends and patterns that aid cost reduction and business expansion initiatives.

If you too are keen on venturing into operations but do not feel confident enough to make a move as you lack the requisite skills that are necessary to succeed in this domain, then a distance learning PGDBA/MBA in operations management from a reputed institute like MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE), Pune can help you fill this gap. MITSDE offers unique one and two-year operations management courses that are considered as one of the best distance postgraduate diploma in management courses that are available in the country. MITSDE’s distance PGDBA in operations management trains you on vital concepts like Legal Framework & Business, Business, Government & Society, Operations/Marketing/Human Resource/Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Managing E-Business, Production, Planning & Control, Enterprise Resource & Planning and Risk Management. Such all-pervasive knowledge will help you position yourself as a competent operations leader who stands out from the crowd by virtue of his or her deep industry insights and a broadened perspective of how global operations should be structured and managed to improve a company’s bottom line and magnify its top-line growth.

Who Should Opt for a Distance PGDBA/MBA in Operations Management?

Anyone individual, who has an avid interest in operations and is eager to enrol in a top-notch distance learning PGDBA / MBA in operations management in India, can opt for MIT School of Distance Education’s PGD in Operations Management to improve and increase their awareness and understanding of the scope and dynamics of this field. Students and professionals, who desire to hone their domain-specific skills without having to enrol in a full-time skill enhancement course, will also benefit from a distance PGDBA in operations management from MITSDE as the latter complements their hectic schedules. The training is imparted via a distance learning (ODL) mode with the help of self-explanatory and interactive course modules that are completely flexible and provide one with the choice to plan their study sessions in an easy-paced and convenient manner. Working professionals, who are employed in transferable jobs, and want to give a thrust to their career with the competitive edge of an MBA program, will find MITSDE’s distance education courses conducive to their career plans. All the assignments are scheduled in distance mode and examination centres are scattered throughout the country, thereby relieving candidates from the limitations of having to restrict themselves to specific locations to pursue higher education.

A UGC-DEB recognised course curriculum and dedicated placement support make MITSDE’s operations management courses suitable for both freshers, who are yet to kick-start their careers, and experienced professionals who are preparing for mid-career changes or are aspiring to move into leadership positions in their present organisations.

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