What Exactly is PGDM? Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting the Ideal PGDM Program

What Exactly is PGDM

In a world filled with management aspirants, making the management industry competitive in its own right, many educational institutions have developed programs that help students to skill up and face the challenges of the real world. 

PGDM programs equip students with the necessary skills to thrive in management and its auxiliary subjects used to solve various industries’ problems. Like the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR, MIT School of Distance Education also has a PGDM program that aims to help students pursue careers in many industries that require skills equivalent to those of MBA graduates. Before diving deep into the topic of PGDM, let us understand its meaning and what it pertains to.

PGDM, or Post Graduate Diploma in Management, is a two-year diploma program that helps students improve their soft and technical skill sets to tackle the problems of various industries. The Post Graduate Diploma program is offered by private business schools monitored and governed by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) as opposed to colleges under the umbrella of the University Commissions Grant (UGC)

Even though PGDM does not fall under the bracket of traditional degrees, students have all the skills that match those of MBA graduates. It is also important to note that PGDM has industry-oriented specialisations, which give them an edge over classical MBA graduates, as per recent reports.

Benefits of Pursuing a PGDM

Now that we have understood what PGDM is, what makes it different from an MBA, and what makes it an alternative to an MBA program, let us look into the benefits of pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma program

Career Advantage & Growth Specialisation –

PGDMs equip students with all the necessary skills to counter and solve the many nuances of various industries that require management students. By completing a PGDM from reputed institutes like MIT School of Distance Education, students equip themselves with the technical skills and other managerial skills needed to lead teams to achieve tasks efficiently. All these skills and confidence backed by knowledge ensure steady growth in one’s career and development in one’s chosen field of specialisation.

Development Of Managerial And Leadership Skills 

PGDM programs also equip students with the soft skills required to understand how a team functions and what it takes to lead a team. The skills that PGDM helps develop will make students good workers and good leaders equipped to take stock of a situation and form and lead a team to find a solution to any problem successfully!

Curriculum and Specialisations

The many subjects that make PGDM a successful program are –

  • Operational Management
  • Business Communications
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Decision Sciences & More.

Students can also choose from a plethora of electives that will become their specialisation on which their career path is usually set –

  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • International Trade
  • Financial Engineering
  • Services Management
  • Information Science
  • Bank Performance Analysis & more!

Industry Connections and Placement Opportunities

Most PGDM programs involve a lot of projects and collaborations that require attending seminars and networking with peers. 

We at MIT School of Distance Education encourage students to take up as many capstone projects as possible and to attend internship programs to gain practical experiences.

MIT’s many incubation programs also allow students to interact with industry experts to gain knowledge of the industry’s nuances. All these practical experiences ensure that the students are ready to face the challenges of the actual management world with great confidence, making practical learning a vital part of all PGDM programs!

All the knowledge and skills will ensure that the placement opportunities for a PGDM diploma holder are abundant and lucrative!

Admission Criteria and Application Process

Now that we know all the particulars of PGDM and what it offers, let us now understand the requirements to get enrolled in these programs –

  • Students should have completed their Bachelor’s degree at a recognised UGC College.
  • Students should have scored between 45 and 50% in their Bachelor’s program.
  • Students should have cleared one of the CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT or AIMA-CAT.

The syllabus for the exams mentioned above usually comprises –

  • Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
  • Verbal and Logical Ability
  • Decision- Making
  • General Knowledge
  • General English and
  • Business Studies.

While submitting your resume or portfolio for your PGDM admission, we advise you to keep it clear and updated. We also suggest you show eagerness to learn in your statement of purpose and add how PGDM will help you improve your skills in your area of specialisation!

We hope this has helped you understand what the entire PGDM program entails. Like the best PGDM colleges in Delhi, MIT School of Distance Education is also equipped with teachers who are industry experts to help students expand their knowledge of management in a plethora of industries!