How Good is Energy Management as a Career?

Energy management is the process of strategic evaluation of energy usage to conserve utilization in a structure. The process involves the assessment of energy usage of equipments, machineries, buildings, other physical structures, and processes. In other words, it can be defined as the science that deals with planning and controlling the consumption of energy to maximize productivity.

It plays an essential role in planning and operating energy production and energy consumption goals for an organization. Accomplishing these objectives encourages organizations to establish themselves as financially competitive in the global marketplace. The industry needs efficient energy management for various reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • To improve their brand image and goodwill by running an energy-efficient operations and adopting renewable energy that builds relations with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.
  • To make processes more productive and cost-effective and decreasing consumption strategically.
  • To decrease the dependence on the inherently volatile supply chains.
  • To decrease greenhouse gas emissions as a social responsibility in corporate world.

For this, industries do require Energy management specialist to diminish the difference between the profit and loss by required energy management strategies. Candidates who aim to be a part of such industries are expected to pursue a bachelor’s degree program with subjects such as energy law, petroleum engineering and oil extraction, etc. Students can also enroll themselves in various business courses, such as marketing and management. At the graduate degree level, i.e. PGDM in Energy Management, students are mandated to enhance their financial management and leadership skills, which further help them manage energy-related businesses and markets.

Hence, these educational qualifications are the primary requirements to secure jobs in energy trading companies and global energy markets. Some of the job opportunities for a candidate after pursuing energy management course are –

  • A job of Operations Manager, who is expected to lead the solar projects at full length. They are also involved in the costing and financial modelling of solar projects.
  • A job of Sales Engineer that allows the candidates to apply their engineering knowledge to interpret a customer’s current energy utilization and also makes them responsible for preparation of business proposals, converting them into a profitable business.
  • As an Energy & Sustainability Experts, personnel is responsible for the evaluation of energy use, stimulation of the exchange of best practices, expansion of procedures of energy management that reduces energy-related costs.
  • As an EPC Manager, you have to ensure that employee is developing overall project schedules, preparing development curves and monthly reports.

Other than these, there are various additional job profiles in this field of energy management. As earlier stated, that degree is an essential requisite for securing well-paid jobs but pursuing a degree from a wonderfully meritorious educational institute is equally crucial.

There are various colleges that offer PGDM in energy management, and leading the list is MIT School of Distance Education (MIT -SDE). It is one of the most recommended institutes for the pursuance of Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Management. Besides proximate learning, the institute also comes forward to offer the best-designated Distance MBA programs. It ensures a better understanding of energy generation, management and sustainability among students through industry oriented curriculum. It helps students in getting placed in various affluent companies with the provision of their on-campus placements among multiple top recruiters such as Mahindra, Infosys, L&T InfoTech, Accenture and many more.