What is Infrastructure Lifecycle Management?

The term Infrastructure Lifecycle Management came into existence from the real estate sector. A property’s or asset’s life cycle begins with a planning phase, goes on to the commercial usage and facility management phase, and then concludes with the demolition or conversion of the property.

In India, Infrastructure development has significantly turned into the need of the hour due to constantly emerging national and international corporate sectors. The industry is experiencing a massive expansion, and as a by-product of the liberal economic policies, infrastructure has become one of the primary pillars of development.

Post Graduate Diploma in Infrastructure Management

Every organization needs an entity that takes under its wings functions pertaining to the administration of the built premises, operational and strategic planning, and also establishment of an uninterrupted functioning and smooth coordination of various verticals of that organization.

Infrastructure Lifecycle Management of a property or assets utilized in these organizations is looked over and run by professionals who qualify and attain expertise and who have a PGDM in Infrastructure Management. MIT School of Distance Education equips you with the expertise to face challenging roles within the corporate domain by helping you attain exceptional theoretical and practical knowledge to apply on the professional side.

The course offered by the MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE) prepares you to lead teams of consultants, site managers, and builders. It imparts skills for following a top-down strategy to examine, evaluate, and assimilate effective management practices in any organization’s division, no matter what sector it is in.

The PGDM in Infrastructure Management from MIT-SDE is covered in 3 semesters, in a duration of 18 months, and any graduate can apply for this course. The potential career options on completion of the course will be in the medium to large companies specializing in various sectors, for the roles of:

  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Infrastructure Administrator
  • Program Manager
  • Project Resource Manager
  • Operation Manager
  • Faculty Operation Specialist

Why choose MIT-SDE?

MIT-SDE proudly stands as an integral part of MIT Pune since 2008, offering distance courses equivalent to Distance MBA. This institute is one of the largest autonomous in the country, offers courses like PGDM/PGDBA, and has been approved by the AICTE. It works with the mission to offer technology-enabled learning for working professionals to equip them to meet the changing industrial needs and help create employment.

MIT-SDE offers a spectrum of different programs and courses; all meant to bridge the skills gap for working professionals by offering a unique curriculum and effective delivery methodologies, hence, providing the best-designed distance education programs in the country. The various domains that MIT-SDE offers programs in are Marketing, Human resources, Operations, Finance, Information Technology, Insurance and Risk, Retail, Logistics and Supply Chain, Infrastructure Management, Material Management, Energy Management, and many more.

MITSDE believes that there are students who, despite their passion for learning, might not be able to go to college, attend lectures, and do a full-time course after their graduation. They understand that there might be time constraints, job roles to be met, or even financial barriers, but distance education does not need to be a compromised one. They implement some exceptional features like an updated and upgraded curriculum, all-inclusive study material, e-Learning, video lectures and tutoring sessions, a study planner, and a grade book.