Why upskilling is crucial for
job seekers?

The world is changing rapidly. With many technological disruptions each day, it has become imperative to update ourselves each and every day. According to the World Economic Forum report, by 2025, more than half of all employees worldwide will need to reskill or upskill to keep up with the changing nature of jobs. The research also stated that 79% of CEOs are concerned about employees’ lack of essential skills and identify it as a threat to growth.

In the corporate world, though the management basics remain the same, the technology, processes, and people change frequently. Hence staying abreast with the changes requires one to update, upgrade and upskill oneself.

As a fresher, relying solely on your educational qualification is inadequate to land good jobs and grow professionally. Hence upskilling or adding extra certifications to your resume will help you stand out in the talent pool, get easily noticed by top recruiters, and climb the corporate ladder faster.

Pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course from top institutes in India such as MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE), which is approved by AICTE will help you get the industry-required skills and knowledge. These online courses are designed for working professionals looking for professional development, switching their jobs, or getting the necessary launchpad in the domain of their choice.

The advantages of these distance PGDM programs for career development are – 

  • Flexibility – Courses that impart relevant skills are to the point, add value to the resume, and provide the flexibility of studying while working do not require the candidate to attend classes on a physical campus and spend the whole day and eventually 2-4 years.
  • Focused learning – The courses are designed in a way that they focus on the skills necessary for the domain, are applicable, and are updated. 
  • Soft skills – These courses also focus on soft skills such as communication, corporate ethics, and social responsibility. Soft skills are the most sought-after skills by employers. This is the reason why employers are insistent on degree requirements, which is a proxy for soft skills.
  • Age-limit – These courses do not have any age criteria and hence can be pursued by anyone looking to gain knowledge at any age.
  • No eligibility criteria – Many people are often deprived of higher education or college degrees as they do not fit the eligibility criteria. This eventually closes the doors to many opportunities despite possessing relevant skills. Distance education courses generally do not have any such criteria, thus making them easily accessible.
  • Acceptability – Courses & certifications from reputed and Government recognized institutes have acceptability worldwide.
  • Technology – With evolving technology, the teaching-learning process has evolved. Latest Learning Management Systems like Canvas are making the learning experience hassle-free and easy for students. Thus enhancing the learning experience.
  • Affordability – The online courses have a price range of Rs. 500 – Rs. 2,00,000 or more, thus making education open for people of any financial strata.
  • ROI – Since these courses are customized to be domain-specific and impart the latest knowledge, the candidate can be easily absorbed in the industry. Thus yielding a high return on investment.
  • Affiliation – The candidate gets an alumni status of the institute upon course completion. 
  • Certification – Upon completion of the course, the candidate is awarded a degree or diploma, or certificate of completion which is a valuable addition to the resume.

Thus, if you are a working professional looking to upskill or upgrade yourself, distance learning is the solution to all your problems. Pursuing a PG Diploma in Management or other certification courses from institutes like MITSDE gives you an extra edge over the competition.