Why project management is the backbone of any project

Project management is the cornerstone of every project. Efficacious management of resource, time, capital, operations and manpower is the key to the success of any project. However, managing a project is one of those things that may appear easy but it is one of the most intricate tasks. It is carried out right from the start and continues until the end of the project. It involves making crucial decisions during the life cycle of the project and then implementing it in the right way.  Here are few more reasons why it is regarded as the backbone of every project:

1. It defines a plan and keeps everything streamlined

The primary task of a project manager is to make a blueprint of the entire project. This involves setting up of goals and planning the entire operations. This ensures that the project is handled with ease and it is less chaotic.

2. It establishes a schedule

Deadline is the most important factor that decides the fate of the project- whether success or failure. A properly planned schedule ensures that every single task is completed on time so that the project is completed well before the deadline.

3. Sound project management establishes unity among the team members

Teamwork is essential to make any particular project successful. Sharing of ideas and collaborating with others to reach end goals increases productivity and facilitates the project to be completed well before the time.

4. Estimating, analyzing and evaluating

It is expected from the project managers that they estimate the risk, analyze different phases of the project, evaluate the overall cost of the project and devise an estimated or intended budget.

5. Optimizes the resources

Effectual project management curbs the operational costs and optimizes the resources. It ensures that the resources are used effectually and economically.

6. Controls cost

Every single thing whether resources, manpower or raw materials require capital. Some of the projects may even cost more than the intended budget. Thus, project managers find out ways and develop strategies to keep the entire project under the budget.

7. Adaptability to changes

The situation and conditions pertaining to the environment and other factors are subject to changes. This, affects the project also so proper management should be undertaken to manage all the changes.

8. Monitoring

Monitoring involves checking the quality of the product and matching it with the guidelines. Project management involves identifying the changes or defects, rectifying it and controlling the quality. This ensures that the products are of high-quality so that customer satisfaction is achieved.

9. Gaining experience and learning from the failure

Each project teaches something and imparts some new knowledge and experience. This know-how can be employed in the future projects. Furthermore, project managers learn something from the success and failures. The learnings can then be used in some other projects.

All these factors make project management an essential part of every project. Thus, companies seek for those candidates who have requisite skills and know-how in the field of management. If you are interested to make your career as a project manager, then you can join a one-year Post Graduate Diploma course in Project Management offered by the reputed institute, MIT School of Distance Education. The institute facilitates in acquiring the management skills via distance education mode which further adds to the value of this course. So, whether you are working and looking for a promotion, or seeking a job, this course will uplift your value.

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