Traits of a good manager

Managers act as the backbone of the organisation as they are responsible to manage everything within an organisation. However, in addition to possessing knowledge of the field, the managers must possess sound business ethics. Here are some basic workplace ethics that differentiate a good manager from a manager:

1. Respect for subordinates

An organisation gains success through its employee’s hard work and fortitude. Hence, it is the duty of an organisation to respect and value its employees. A manager plays a key role in keeping the workforce motivated. A manager evaluates the performance of employees, rewards them and ensures to provide better working conditions which in turn, enhance their motivation as well as productivity. If employees are provided with all the facilities, they will remain loyal and honest towards the company.

2. Equal treatment

Every individual working in an organisation must be treated equally. Neither nepotism nor favouritism should be promoted by the managers as that can cause conflict among the employees. Rules and regulations must be the same even for the managers or the team leaders and no one should not take advantage of their position.

3. Giving personal space to employees

Being strict with employees is expected from managers but they shouldn’t be too much austere. This will let the employees lose their interest from the organisation. Employees are mature enough to know about their targets and how to achieve them. Keeping a continuous check on the employees and not providing their personal space can act as a loss for an organisation. Being too strict with someone will force them to be skeptical about working in that place. So, managers must be friendly with the employees and respect their personal space.

4. Giving ample recreation opportunity

It is the duty of an HR manager to ensure that the employees are satisfied with their job. An organisation must offer holidays or trips to their employees so as to keep them enthused towards their work. This will make them feel happy and they’ll become loyal towards their workplace. Working tirelessly for an entire year keeps the employee at stress. So, it is the duty of HR professionals to provide them with recreation opportunities so that they can refuel and work at their optimum productivity level.

5. Clearly explaining the company’s policies to the employees

A hierarchy must be followed in an organisation to avoid any kind of chaos in the lower level. For this, the company’s policies must be clearly communicated to the employees so that they are clear about everything.

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