Smart learning with LinkedIn Learning by MITSDE

Premium education is not a privilege but a necessity. With so many educational institutions out there offering post-graduation courses with a promise of good future, end up giving another set of “just degree holders” to the world. Theoretical knowledge without any exposure to real-world situations does not count in. It is lacking the sense of dealing with the world and application of education that result in zero or low employability among students. Research says that today’s youth can meet the educational qualification for a job position, but not the skill set required to perform his responsibilities.

Understanding the gravity of the moment, MIT-SDE has introduced the “LinkedIn Learning” facility. With a vision of giving global exposure to students from international faculties and working on their personality development, MIT-SDE is all set to train young minds. While the graph of unemployment and potential but untrained youth is steadily increasing, MIT-SDE takes responsibility for changing the picture. First, of its kind, MIT-SDE is the only institution that is offering an opportunity for students to learn beyond their location boundaries.

Students generally lack in the skills of managing, analyzing the situations in the whole of organizations. So, for taking this holding back behavior among most of the students, MIT-SDE proposed this facility that is an adaptable learning methodology. LinkedIn Learning will help the students in uplifting their skills to match their caliber with the coming future challenges. It will give multi-cultural exposure to students that will help them in learning from their own experiences. MIT-SDE offers a number of management courses i.e. PGCM / PGDM / PGDBA Courses in various specializations such as Project Management, Operations Management, Finance Management, Marketing, HR & More. Along with these business administration courses, students will also be learning with the skills development specialization courses by Linkedin Learning. These courses are primarily designed to teach students to be independent thinkers, contributors to the community, actively involved in world causes, and develop necessary life skills. With the emerging demand for skills along with expressible quality knowledge, LinkedIn Learning facility by MIT-SDE tries to bring best out the best in students. By helping them in enhancing their career perspectives and focusing on making the company – ready, MIT-SDE provides a training structure for the overall personality development of the candidates. It is designed in a way that provides vivid employability skills throughout the learning of the courses.

Students will learn to improve employability skills such as analyzing quantitative data, the ability to work in a team structure, plan, organize and prioritize work, and communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization. The classes will provide in-depth knowledge, which is executed by global professional experts. Some of the highlighted courses that will be covered are –

  • Customer Service Courses & Training
  • Digital Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Marketing and Leadership courses
  • Data Science & Cloud Computing course
  • Small business & entrepreneurship courses
  • graphics design
  • AEC courses
  • HR
  • Product Development and other management-related courses

LinkedIn Learning has a broad scope, which leads to great future options for students. Known for its premium quality education, the LinkedIn Learning facility by MIT-SDE is exclusively for the students who enroll themselves in the courses offered by MIT-SDE.