Students who have successfully completed their Graduate Degree and wish to opt for higher education or upskill their career without having to pursue a full-time Post Graduation Degree can opt for Post Graduate Certificate Programmes. Today, these Certification Programmes have become the ultimate key to your Educational and Career needs.

Post Graduate Certificate Programme will transform your career by providing the basic as well as the relevant knowledge you need to upgrade. As far as higher education is concerned, Certificate Programmes are now the fastest-growing credentials and are more popular with the youth.

The benefits of enrolling on a Post Graduate Certificate Programme are:


Certificate Programmes add more professionally relevant skills. In a competitive field, you develop a higher level of expertise and stand out from the crowd easily, for example – a Specialized programme such as Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics will imbibe the analytical techniques, and guide you on how to execute the analytical tools used in the actual market.

Value for money

As compared to a Master’s Degree, Certificate Programmes are cheaper while adding equivalent value to your professional skills.

Shorter duration

Full-time Post graduation courses come with the big concern of how to manage time and other resources while you’re working. Certificate Programmes are your answer. They generally have a course duration of 12 months with 2 semesters, consisting of subjects and syllabus that are relevant and updated, that too at an affordable cost.

Distance Certification Programmes

Today, many leading institutes like MIT School of Distance Education provide certificate courses like Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) with specialisations in – Business Analytics and Digital Marketing. These programmes are specially designed for working professionals to create industry-ready skills and to adapt according to the evolving needs of businesses.


Not only are these courses cheaper and have a shorter duration than a master’s degree, but they are also designed to be industry-relevant. When it comes to distance learning, the classes are scheduled according to the convenience of working professionals and the study material is just one click away and hassle-free.


The benefits of attaining a Certificate Programme post your graduation degree are quite remarkable for your career. In the most efficient way, you can upgrade to new professional skills and get the expertise required.