Are Distance Education Programs as Effective as Normal Classroom Courses?

Nowadays, distance learning programs are becoming highly popular in India. Not only the students but also adults who are willing to complete their studies are taking an active part in distance education.

Distance learning is an education model that is conducted especially for those students who are not unable to attend their classes on a regular basis due to certain reasons. It is one of the most effective modes of education for working professionals. The students can pursue many courses via distance education and acquire a degree. In this way, distance education allows individuals to upgrade their skills quite conveniently.

Distance learning is quite popular as students can pursue it in their comfort zone that too at less cost. Yes, distance learning is not at all expensive and it enhances the skills of the students in a much better way than traditional learning. However, many students argue that it is not as effective as a regular course. Is that true? Let’s address that.

Distance learning v/s traditional learning

In the case of traditional education, students have to attend regular classes and learn via face-to-face interaction with their teachers and colleagues. On the other hand, distance learning courses can be pursued from any physical location. The learners only need a device and internet connection to start learning.

Generally, distance education involves self-study whereby students can go through modules and video lectures and study according to their schedule. Occasionally, there can be webinars and video lectures to clarify the doubts of students.

Though teachers are not majorly or directly involved in distance learning, it doesn’t mean it is less effective. There are study materials and learning instructions for distance learners are prepared by the experts.  Hence, the effectiveness of the distance learning course is equal to classroom learning, provided study materials are prepared meticulously by experts. In addition to that, pursuing a distance learning program will create a sense of self-determination and self-confidence among the students.      

Effectiveness of Distance Learning Programs

According to a survey, it was found that 91.8% of students pursuing distance education were satisfied with the online notes and journals provided to them individually.

It can be asserted that the effectiveness of a distance learning program depends on the quality of study material. Sometimes, it is much more effective than traditional learning as it includes industry insights and updated information. Hence, if you are looking to pursue a distance learning course, you should consider the recognition of the institute and quality of its study material.

In terms of the study material and quality of education, MIT School of Distance Education occupies the numero uno spot among distance learning colleges in India. It is affiliated to AICTE and UGC boards. Furthermore, the USP of the MIT-SDE is its updated curriculum that syncs with industry trends and its top-quality study material. The study material of MIT-SE includes video lectures, self-explanatory and lucid modules and other resources. These are prepared by a team comprising of subject matter experts and industry experts and published by Wiley Publications. Hence, the distance learning programs of MIT-SDE are at par with regular courses in terms of their effectiveness. So apply for admissions at MIT-SDE and shape your career.