Marketing in the age of Millennial and Gen-Z

The new wave of generation has taken the world by storm and has almost completely changed the perception of lifestyle, and living and is making its mark on the workplace. Currently, 23% of the world’s population are millennials and 30% are Gen-Z. The diversity in these generations makes the audience diverse in a larger context and thereby a wider market for sale.

The Millennial and Gen-Z are a generation of likes, views, and instant gratification. They focus on the needs of society rather than the needs of individuals. Their broad views on equality, communities, and the environment have made the brands become more conscious and adapt according to the fluidity rippling around them.

When it comes to marketing, it is not a battle of goods and services but is a battle of perception-The perceptions of the thought process of the customers and targeting the right audience at right time under the best opportunities. The fundamentals of marketing a product/service, creating leads, passing onto the sales team, and selling remain the same but the way to approach it has shifted dynamically in this new Digital Era of Millennials and Gen-Z.

The Demography of Buyers (Age)

Not just the nature of buying or selling but the demographics of customers have also changed over the course of time. Depending on what your business offers the demographics are categorized as:

Boomers – the pre-internet era preferred phone calls and letters.

Generation X – is focused on work-life balance and prefers the traditional work hassle.

Generation Y (Millennial) – prefers multitasking and are efficient

Generation Z – the current digital generation.

Shift of Strategy

Grab the attention of your prospect

Engage with them to build trust and credibility

Define the problem

Provide value solving it upfront

Make an effort to solve the problem

Have a call to action

The New (old) Face of Marketing and Selling

Earlier, during the non-digital era, conventional marketing methods did their job efficiently. But in today’s world, the traditional methods alone won’t get you those numbers. Advertising, broadcasting, hoardings, alone are not good enough. The mixture of Quarantine, unemployment, and more time spent on social media has turned the marketing digital. Social media campaigns, moment marketing, and creating content based on current trends are the key.

Engaging with the audience online on your social media platforms rather than via emails and calls is the way to show your audience trust and give credibility. Today you hear that one breaking news or read an article online, rather than on television or newspaper respectively; Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter have massively become the mainstream traditional media.

Social Media Influencers are the new targets to focus on when it comes to marketing your business online rapidly. Since Meta (earlier Facebook) took over Instagram, the application has now become a good market for smaller as well large-scale businesses to expand.

Explosion of Marketing Messages

Marketing messages are the words you use to communicate with your audience to promote your product/service and convince them to buy it being clear and concise using familiar language. Crafting your marketing messages with care, creativity, and credibility according to the target audience helps build trust with the customers. Demonstrating care for the customers while addressing the pain points they might be currently facing is important and then presenting your business as the best solution.