The two keywords to describe a person’s general competence are- Knowledge and Skills. Both these terms might seem synonymous but are different concepts.

Having awareness of something or someone is often labeled as Knowledge. To be familiar with factual information and theoretical concepts is what gaining knowledge means. Knowledge can be self-acquired and transferred from one individual to another.

A Skill is defined as acquiring an ability through practice over a period of time. Being Skilled at any particular task comes with experience and takes time and depends on each individual. With Knowledge and attitude, Skills also are the basis of competence

Although, there is a huge difference between knowing WHAT and knowing HOW

Knowing how to ride a bicycle is not the same as having the practical skills to ride a bicycle. If you drove a vehicle you probably won’t have any driving skills. In the same way,

An MBA student might have a lot of information and knowledge about marketing and sales, but it’s the ability to transform this information into a meaningful marketing strategy or sales pitch will equate to skill.

Trial and error methods are a great way of adding to your skills. Practical know-how, on the other hand, is always tied to the experience of a particular person. It can’t be downloaded, it can only be lived.

The Skills Gap

The gap between what employers need their workers to do and what their workers are capable of doing is called the skills gap. For example, the team leader may want their work to work on a certain software related to a certain project. However, no one in the team is capable or has the skills to complete that task. This raises the problem of skill gap and employers today are concerned about the same. Bridging this gap is the need of the hour.

Attaining Knowledge and Mastering Skills with Distance Learning

If you’re looking to acquire knowledge and master skills at a time that’s convenient to you, then E-learning or Distance Learning is the key. All you need is a computer and internet connection. Creating your own customized learning environment, having the ability to learn at your own pace, lower cost and debts are some of the advantages of distance learning. Notes, Interaction, Support, and Training Videos are all made available online with one click. Upgrading your existing knowledge by taking a relevant career relating distance training course might be a great way to bring yourself to pace with the changing world. Today, distance learning universities and colleges have courses and workshops providing the necessary requirements to upgrade your existing educational degree. Many Courses such as Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, Project Management, Finance Management (PGDM), etc. & Post Graduate Certificates in Digital Marketing, Business Analytics (PGCM) help build the essential skill set required in your field by providing relevant knowledge and ultimately build your successful career.


Both Knowledge and Skills are essential for any individual’s growth. Having knowledge of a certain subject is the basis of skills and knowledge about it alone won’t make you skilled. In today’s fast-paced world, taking Distance Learning Courses is the ultimate key to upgrading your knowledge and being the best at what you do.