Is Distance Learning Respected and Recognized?

In this digital era, we can witness a rapidly growing demand for distance education among the students. This form of education particularly attracts individuals engaged in jobs or those who want to complete their higher education despite personal difficulties, physical barriers or financial problems. Despite its growing popularity, a question that haunts most of the students is related to the significance of distance degrees in the eyes of employers. In this post, we’ll discuss regarding the recognition and value of distance education.

Distance learning is respected and recognized even in a country like India. If you are willing to apply for government jobs, a degree/diploma acquired through distance education will be having the same value as a traditional degree. Furthermore, private firms and other companies including MNCs give equal importance to distance education and even promote it to make their employees updated with the updated industry environment.

How to choose distance learning institutes?

Bestowing to the growing popularity of distance learning courses, many colleges and institutes have started offering their courses via distance education. So students have a lot of options at their disposal. However, you should keep a fact in your mind that the value of your distance degree will depend upon your institute and its affiliations.  So, you should choose wisely.

If you are willing to pursue distance education, it is necessary for you to survey the colleges and go through their affiliations. A distance learning institute that has a name in the industry and holds affiliation from government educational bodies is best for distance education. Furthermore, distance learning programs that are recognized by UGC, AICTE and the National Ministry of Education hold value. Hence, pursuing distance learning courses from recognized colleges will let your efforts pay in the future.

Many employers consider distance degree or diploma equivalent to a regular degree if it is offered from a reputed college. Hence, it can be ascertained that distance education is recognized if pursued from a well-known and recognized institute. When looking for top distance learning institute, MIT School of Distance Education should be your first choice.

MIT-SDE: Best distance learning institute of India

A part of the reputed MIT Pune, MIT-SDE is a distance learning institute offering management courses. It is among top institutes offering distance education. It is affiliated to UGC and AICTE; so you can choose it without a second thought. Presently, it offers 1 year Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM), 1.5 years Post Graduate Diploma in Management and 2 years Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. These courses are available in exciting specializations including Marketing Management, Finance Management, Operations Management and IT Management.    

MIT-SDE’s diploma courses are equivalent to distance MBA but better than it as their curriculum is updated to sync with industrial trends. Furthermore, the institute offers top-notch study material prepared by industry experts and Wiley Publications. The study material includes modules, video lectures and other illustrative study resources. Furthermore, webinars are also organized whereby experts are brought on board to teach students. MIT-SDE’s management courses make you aware of the industry-relevant issues and teach ways to face it. Hence, these enhance your employability skills. So, take admission at MIT-SDE and widen your job prospects.