Is a/an distance / online MBA a good option for a mid-career professional?

Understanding the market to produce, revise and innovate products is the way businesses in the world function. With competition increasing rapidly, it becomes a necessity to possess a deep-rooted understanding of how a market functions, how customers react to any change and what effect does price fluctuation have on the ROI, market share and profitability.

MBA is the answer to the problem of how to ‘read’ the market. MBA gives one clarity and understanding of the basic principles of different aspects of business and the capacity to apply the theory in practical situations.

The idea of an MBA sounds appealing when one has recently graduated, but leaving a well-paying job to pursue an MBA sounds like a big risk. When the thought of pursuing an MBA in the middle of a career strikes anyone, the most persistent question that sticks is ‘Do I really need an MBA, now?’. “Will I be able to study now?”, “How can I risk a well-paying job to pursue an MBA?”, “Will it jeopardize my career?”, these are a few questions that anyone would think of. 

Like a few other companies having foresight, MITSDE has come up with a solution to tackle most of the queries any working professional may have when it comes to pursuing an MBA in the midst of one’s career. The answer to the questions is – Distance learning.

Online learning or distance learning solves the problems of leaving one’s job in the middle of one’s career. Speaking of MITSDE’s distance learning programs, the company believes that learning and earning can be taken up simultaneously. Flexible or self-paced learning pedagogy is designed in such a way that one can learn while being engaged in a job. The programs being cost-effective, especially in the time of pandemic when the aim of every individual is to save costs and invest effectively, MITSDE’s distance learning offers an economical solution. 

With a team of experts from various domains acting as mentors, the question of ‘will I be able to study again?’ is taken care of. The student will have to simply ask in case of difficulty and his doubts will be answered. This ensures a smooth teaching, learning process.

Now coming to the question of ‘Do I really need an MBA?’- YES, of course, you do and ‘Will it jeopardize my career?’, the answer is a bold NO.

MBA is the guiding map to the real world markets and their nitty-gritty. When a person already possesses a working knowledge of the happenings in a certain industry, MBA proves to be a value addition. This is because a graduate possesses the technical knowledge of a specialized degree, but an MBA gives a 360-degree view of the entire business. Hence a person aiming to shift to a managerial position, MBA is the best bet.

Even for a person who understands the product, the production process but lacks the knowledge of how to market and sell the product, MBA offers the angle required to look at the market from different perspectives. 

MBA is also useful for anyone not looking for a shift to managerial positions but feel the need to understand the working of a business to align their goals with the company’s goals for their aimed growth path. 

Hence, it can be said that no one is ever too old to pursue MBA. Pursuing MBA is a choice and it depends on what you want to achieve from it and where you see yourself in the future.