How Can A Distance PG Diploma Course From MITSDE, Pune Help You Shape Your Career In Energy Management?

Energy management is an evolving field that is gradually gaining significance not only in India but also all over the world. With growing concerns around environmental safety and an imminent energy crisis, the need to preserve and optimally utilise energy has become a key priority for the global community. So has the necessity for exploring alternate energy sources that are renewable and sustainable. Owing to its lasting impact on humankind, the energy sector has been garnering ample support and investment from various government bodies and private equity funds with many private and public companies treating energy management and conservation as one of their major focus areas. This has led to the creation of exciting job opportunities in this field and has fuelled the demand for skilled and qualified energy management personnel across a plethora of industries such as oil & gas, power, infrastructure, petrochemicals, chemicals, manufacturing, iron & steel, mining, automobile, real estate, hospitality etc.


Today, one can successfully steer their career in this booming sector by enhancing their industry knowledge and skills with a correspondence MBA course from a leading autonomous institute like MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE).  A part of the prestigious MIT Group of Institutions, MITSDE is globally renowned for its modern and flexible course modules, state-of-the-art learning platform and its vast range of specialisations in unconventional and upcoming industry sectors and traditional business verticals. If you are still wondering whether MITSDE will be a suitable option for you to pursue a distance MBA in energy management, then here are few distinct advantages that you stand to gain when you decide upon MITSDE’s one-year Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Management.

Top-Notch Distance Learning MBA in Energy Management in India – Since its inception, MITSDE has enjoyed countrywide fame for its innovative distance education programs that provide you with a competitive edge that is at par with an online MBA. Considered as one of the leading energy management courses in India, MITSDE’s PGP in Energy Management has been designed by none other than some of the most well known faculties of MAEER to fulfil the shortage of trained resources that exists in this domain. Incorporating the latest energy management and audit concepts like General Aspects of Energy Management and Energy Audit, Energy Instrumentation and Information Analysis, Energy Efficiency in Thermal/Electrical Utilities, Energy Performance Assessment and Renewable Sources of Energy, the exhaustive course aims to endow you with in-depth industry insights to boost your employability in this growing field. Post course completion, you will find yourself equipped with cutting-edge energy management techniques and a novel perspective on the future of this sector. As a result, you will feel confident enough to undertake a variety of roles that exist in this field in areas as diverse as operations, procurement, sales, business development, project management, consulting, audit, legal, indirect taxation, finance, research, debt syndication, environment, health and safety etc.

Flexible and Self-Explanatory Course Modules – One of the main challenges that dissuade many from aiming for higher education is the rigidity of the learning programs that require full-time involvement and make it impossible for you to participate in such courses while you are engaged in other commitments. Opting for an MBA in energy management in distance mode can be a wise choice for those who are pressed for time and require a flexible schedule to pace their learning according to their convenience and without the constraints of location or physical attendance. The 100% online platform makes it easy for you to go through your course content in the comfort of your home or even while you are at work. Likewise, the inclusion of an online assignment and assessment system and the presence of examination centres throughout the country, collectively make MITSDE, an apt institute to leverage tailored programs in growth-oriented sectors.

Globally Recognised Energy Management Courses in Pune – If you looking for top-rated energy management courses in Pune that can help you land rewarding jobs in illustrious MNCs, corporate houses and big firms, then look no further than MIT School of Distance Education, Pune to take your career to dizzying heights. Accorded recognition by both the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) and the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, MITSDE’s open learning courses are widely respected in India and abroad and they have been instrumental in shaping the career paths of thousands of students and professionals every year.

Student Support and Placement Assistance – Last but definitely not the least, the dedicated placement support team of MITSDE is a definitive plus – one that guides the candidates for the entire duration of their programs while they are enrolled with the institution. Apart from assisting students in the preparation of competitive exams and related placement interviews, the wing also keeps them updated about the recent energy management jobs and openings that have been made available in the job market. Such focused intervention plays a crucial role in ensuring that one is able to beat the competition in a proficient manner by remaining on top of the current vacancies and the prevailing employment trends in the market.

These are few of the key benefits that come your way when you decide to launch your career with a distance education course from MITSDE, Pune. Contact MITSDE today for a detailed consultation on how its PGP course can shape your career in energy management and gear up for a gratifying stint in this opportunity-laden sector that is due for a long run in the years to come.

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