Future of Distance Education

India holds the reputation of an ‘education hub’ in the globe bestowed to its top-quality education and best in class educational institutes. The land has always been adept in addressing the learning needs of individuals. However, in this digital and competitive world, the learning needs of individuals have altered. Today, a graduation course is not sufficient to land with high-paying jobs and the career growth of individuals may saturate after a certain point. So, even working professionals are expected to continue the learning process. A regular course won’t be viable for all learners. This led to the inception of distance education. But, how will distance education shape in the coming times? In this post, we’ll try to anticipate the future of distance education.

Need for Distance Education

Every individual yearns to pursue higher education for a better career. In this competitive world, professional courses are very beneficial to attain career growth. But due to certain reasons, people are not able to pursue regular courses. In the future, when these individuals look for jobs, their professional life gets affected due to several reasons like:

  • Few job opportunities
  • Low salary packages
  • Losing a job due to lack of training
  • An income lower than those of juniors
  • A regular decrease in payouts

In order to empower such individuals, distance education was introduced. The realm of education witnessed a radical shift with the inception of distance education in 1985. This mode of education allows individuals to upgrade their skills and to receive education from any physical location and at any point in time. Hence, it empowers individuals to learn despite professional commitments, personal problems, physical barriers and financial difficulties. Following the trend, India also adopted distance education to attune to the needs of learners. There are myriads of distance learning institutes in India that offer courses in various disciplines. Many institutes are affiliated to UGC and their degrees hold value equivalent to a regular college.  

Future of Distance Education

From the past few years, distance education has gained immense significance in India. In the upcoming years, it is expected that the nation will become a hub of distance education. A survey conducted in the year 2015-16 revealed that approximately 50% of the students choose distance mode of education which not only includes Under Graduate or Post Graduate programs but also Diploma courses, PG Diploma and Certificate courses.


Hence, the future of distance learning in India is very bright as the upcoming generation will focus more on gaining experience and education.

Distance Education has a bright future and is gaining popularity due to various reasons. They are:

  • Due to the increasing number of universities, there is a shortage of quality teachers. On the other hand, distance education brings experts and their knowledge at the disposal of students.
  • It provides access to the vast knowledge and comprehensive study materials prepared by several experts.
  • It allows working professionals to upgrade their skills and knowledge in sync with industrial trends
  • Learners can study from any physical location and remote areas that were devoid of good institutes.
  • It connects people of different age groups and so it increases awareness.
  • It also introduces use of technology in education
  • Learners can pursue professional courses at a fractional cost of regular courses
Closing note

It is quite evident that distance education has a bright future and many individuals will choose this mode of education in the coming time. If you are planning to pursue a management course via distance learning mode, then you should enroll for admissions at MIT School of Distance Education. It is one of the top distance learning colleges offering PGDM, PGDBA and PGCM courses in various specialization of management.