Does Distance Education Degree have any Importance in India?

Distance education focuses more on the instruction, pedagogy and design of a technology system for educating students who are not able to be present physically in a classroom. In this type of education, students use digital tools and technologies to receive education.

Today, distance education is available at disposal of all types of students. It empowers learners to study from anywhere and at any time in order to enhance their skills. Thus, it is gaining popularity all across the globe.  Just like any other country, it is making waves in India.

It is gradually gaining importance in India. Since India has the maximum number of youth when compared to other countries; the country is burgeoning with talented and dynamic individuals. However, higher education and in-depth knowledge are required to ace any field. That is why the younger generations are choosing distance education to pursue higher education along with pursuing their jobs.

Does Distance Education degree have any importance in India?

Earlier distance education wasn’t given much importance in India and was considered worthless. But, now as the people are multi-tasking and are looking for the best education along with earning money, distance education is gaining importance.

Let’s go through the importance of distance education courses in India:

Increased Population

As the population is increasing, it is difficult to provide education to a wide number of students due to limited educational institutes. In such a scenario, distance education fills the gap. It allows students to pursue higher education and professional courses from the comfort of their residence.

Desire to Work and Study

In order to make the quality usage of time, the students of the country have started to work along with the studies. This even gives a good impact on their resume and thus, they have high chances to gain a lucrative salary job. But going for a job is not possible with regular college due to a shortage of time. So, students are shifting towards distance education as it gives them an opportunity to maintain a balance between their job and study.


Due to fewer educational institutes situated in far places, there was less flexibility in education. But as distance education got introduced, the students have an option to study at their own pace and time. The students can study any subject which might not be available in their physical location.

Education for all ages

Education is never limited and there is no age to get educated. But along with work and other chores, it becomes difficult for one to attend regular college. With distance education, people can easily opt for the courses they desire from any single place.

Financial Issues

In India, there is a bundle of people who cannot afford to go to college due to the high fee structure. Here distance education serves as a boon. Many courses offered via distance education have reduced fee structure, which allows people with economic difficulty to study any course of their wish without even taking a loan.  

These points clearly assert on the importance of distance education in India.  Furthermore, employers also give equal importance to a distance degree and a normal degree provided that students pursue a distance course from a reputed and recognized institute. Affiliated to UGC and AICTE, MIT School of Distance Education is the best distance learning institute in India. So, apply for admissions at MIT-SDE right away!