Crackers and Ad Strategies

With Diwali fast approaching, the smell of sweets, festivities, decorations and marketing activities is in the air. Another important emotional tie with Diwali is the firecrackers.

Advertisements or any sales promotion activities are like firecrackers.

Even though the idea seems ridiculous, if one is to think about it, branding efforts specifically ads are like firecrackers. They cost a lot of money, are temporary and have an impact on the memory of the audience. Firecrackers even though cost a lot, do not have any resale value and are consumed in a very short timespan have a nostalgic value to the ones who have burst them or were mere spectators. Similarly, good advertisements eventually form memories, have specific associations and not to forget cost quite a sum.

Sales promotions are the smoke of the firecrackers, basically, get lost in thin air and leave people coughing (coughing up more money than they wanted to). But are still welcome since people have their important purchases planned around these ‘Diwali Sales’.

Thus, like firecrackers, promotional activities make an equally important part of the Diwali celebration.