Co-working Spaces

Lockdown has affected our daily lives and has changed the way we work. The concept of co-working spaces was a predominant one but has acquired a new dimension since the pandemic. Co-working spaces revolved around the idea of office space consisting of all the facilities of a modern office shared by an individual or a group. 

Today a co-working space is looked at as a place where people can work alone yet get the feel of working together in a team or an office. Lockdown has taken its toll on the mental health of the people, it has led people to a state of depression due to no or limited human contact. Man, being a social animal needs a group or a community to function and due to lockdown, the connection with the outside world has been threatened, hence low/no human interaction is a world crisis. 

People today prefer co-working spaces over working from home, simply to reconnect, bask in the sense of community & belongingness and get their creative juices flowing with the energy they draw from others. Thus, well-sanitized co-working spaces following social distancing norms are the hot spots of people weary of solitarily working from home.