Are you hiring the Right Candidate?

Finding the right person with the required qualifications, skill set and experience might get challenging at times. At the same time, hiring wrong or unsuitable people costs the organization greatly. To hire the best possible candidate for the job, a thorough analysis of their skill set and competencies is necessary.

Below listed are some of the aspects to ensure you find and hire the right candidate:

Define the job 

Hiring the right fit starts with Job Analysis i.e. defining and describing the job position. Job analysis is basically collecting information about role, responsibilities, required set of skills, expected outcomes, etc. for that particular job. The details from this form the base to develop your job description and plan the employee hiring strategy accordingly.

Planning your Recruitment Strategy

Now that you have the precise job description, the next vital step is to set up a recruitment planning meeting. It mainly involves forming a strategy and its implementation. Recruiting Manager plays an important role in this process. If you and your team have been recruiting regularly, then there is no need to conduct an actual meeting, this process can be done virtually or online. After strategy formulation, the execution begins.

Hiring the right candidate

A candidate with the right professional skills, qualifications, and experience required, will be the best fit. Apart from this, it is quite important that the candidate you consider must culturally fit your organization. Asking appropriate questions to gauge the candidate’s personal & professional values is important. It helps to determine whether they fit with those of the organization they will be working with.

Reviewing Credentials and Applications

Reviewing the resumes, job applications, and cover letters start with a well-written job description. The list of the most desired characteristics you wish in a candidate is developed as part of your recruitment planning strategy. Screen all applicants on the basis of this list of qualifications, characteristics, and experience.

Asking the right interview questions

Job Interview is the dominant step in the hiring process. Asking the right and relevant set of questions will help you separate your desired candidate from the average one. 

Reference and Background Check

Verifying the candidate is an essential part of hiring. The hiring manager must verify the qualifications, experience, and credentials before handing out the offer letter.

Extending Job Offer

An offer letter is presented to the candidate you decide to hire. Usually, the candidate and organization verbally negotiate the conditions of hiring that particular candidate, and the job offer letter authenticates that agreement.
Hiring the right employee for a job might be tedious but with the right knowledge and strategies employed, you get your right fit. To efficiently learn these skills, leading institutes like MIT School of Distance Education offer PG Diploma in Human Resource Management that guides you through the basics as well as advanced & developments in the field of Human Resources. Hiring the right fit will pay you back through their productivity, positive attitude, and high morale.