Why pursue a PG Diploma in Financial Services?

Finance is one of the crucial requirements for starting and running any business. At every stage of the business lifecycle, funds need to be managed & regulated as per procedures. 

The finance industry is large. It encompasses various services from portfolio management, and credit unions to insurance and accounting. Many professionals such as investment bankers, wealth managers, stockbrokers, personal financial advisors, etc. are employed in this sector.

Institutions like commercial banks, insurance companies, trading institutes, and investment companies are all part of the financial services ecosystem.

Today, financial services are gradually moving to the digital space. Customers prefer online services over traditional ones. A study suggests that India has the highest FinTech adoption rate and has seen funding of $8.53 Bn in FY22. 

 Every year, Fintech Solutions are becoming more sophisticated, leading to easier and more controlled financial transactions. Personal finance management and banking have changed due to the growth of real-time payments, open banking, and blockchain technology. 

It is evident that the advancements in Financial Solutions have made banking and financial services more convenient and accessible.

Financial services play a vital role in enhancing the economic status of a nation. Apart from that, here are some major benefits of Financial services;

  • Dynamic Capital Market
  • Expands activities of financial markets.
  • Economic Development.
  • Economic Growth.
  • Ensures Greater Yield.
  • Maximizes Returns.
  • Minimizes Risks.
  • Encourages Savings.
  • Promotes Investments.
  • Balanced Regional Development.
  • Promotion of Domestic & Foreign Trade.

The finance industry will witness more robust technologies that strengthen business proposals, enhance customer experiences and boost revenues in 2023. Big tech companies, third-party payment apps, and digitally aware customers are the new opportunities for this explosive sector.

As the money market evolves so do the career opportunities. To have a rewarding career path, one must acquire the relevant skills and knowledge of financial systems and markets.

An online course in financial services will prove beneficial for any individual wishing for a career in finance.

This is where an online PG Diploma course in Financial Services will help to upskill. 

PG Diploma will impart essential management principles and current developments in the industry which help in managing the functions of financial markets. 

The course covers important concepts of the derivatives market, treasury bills, bond market, stock market, and fintech. 

MIT School of Distance Education is a leading distance learning institute that offers a PG Diploma in Financial Services. 

The course takes into account the latest management arenas, industry requirements, changes in the business environment and technology development.

Benefits of PG Diploma Course in Financial Services from MITSDE – 

A diploma in finance management can provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved job prospects enhance your skills and knowledge, making you a more competitive candidate for a career in finance.
  • Specialised knowledge and skills in areas such as financial planning, budgeting, financial analysis, investment management, financial asset management, and risk management.
  • The course helps to advance your career within your current organisation or in a new role with updated skills and knowledge.
  • A PG Diploma in Financial Services leads to an opportunity for higher pay due to your advanced skills and credentials.
  • For anyone looking to start their own business, this course imparts the basics of management and technical know-how.

There are multiple jobs in the financial market, a few top careers in the financial services industry are listed below:

  • Finance Controller
  • Insurance Manager
  • Financial Consultant
  • Finance Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Credit Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Equity Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager

MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) understands the current skills gap in the market and strives hard to reduce it. Hence, MITSDE brings you PG Executive Diploma in Banking & Financial Services (PGDM – Exe- Banking & Financial Services)

The course covers several topics related to banking and finance. These include:

– Basics of banking and finance management

– Digital transformation in the banking sector

– Current global financial market trends

– Analytical skills for risk assessment

– Types of financial markets

– Financial assets, instruments, and financial services.

MITSDE also offers a dedicated team of student success managers that assist in learners’ academic journey.

The placement cell offers services like CV and career-building sessions to help one secure a rewarding career.

Lastly, initiatives like MITSDE Labs and Harbour offer a perfect blend of practical hands-on training and psychological counselling.

Thus, MITSDE offers a 360-degree learning approach that guarantees a rewarding career.