8 Content Marketing Examples to Up Your Marketing Game

What’s your story? Any person, brand, association, product, service, everything/everyone has a story to tell. This story is nothing but what we call, ‘Content’.

Content marketing, content writing are said to be the upcoming fields, but they are not new. They have been around for decades. The reason why content is said to be the king.

Content should be treated royally, however, many people often write content well but forget to put in our content marketing efforts. That is where the problem lies. Merely producing a certain product is not enough, it has to be put on display for the world to see and eventually buy.

Here are some tricks and tips to create a head-turning piece of content and gloriously market it:

  1. Heading  – Heading is the first touchpoint of your blog, article, website or landing page. If the heading directly addresses what one is looking for only then will the audience be motivated to read further. Most of the visitors on the website bounce off because of poor heading.
  2. Community – In the current state of affairs, the increasing sense of community has created a new way of looking at how companies can communicate with their audience. Create a community on social media with content that appeals to a particular audience and creates a base for them to connect, share and explore.
  3. Visual – Visual communication is much more impactful than plain written text. Visual communication and visual content attract attention easily. Hence the focus is more on generating visual content in the form of videos, gifs, clips, webinars, online events, etc.
  4. Personalization – Focusing and anticipating what the customer is looking for and what it is that he/she wants to hear, read or see is the key to resonate strongly with the audience. Creating interactive content gives a sense of personalization.
  5. Repurpose – Repurposing content helps gain the required reaction from the audience while saving time. This means that repackaging the existing content to make it look brand new and cater to a different or same set of audience in a new get up.
  6. AI – Generating AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven content that closely matches the searches, understand what the audience search for to tweak the content as per the searches. Using AI content marketing tools to analyse the content consumption of the audience will help you to better create the content.
  7. Experts – People strongly trust the ‘experts’ in any field. Hence using their commentary or point of view to project what you have to say is a way of connecting with the audience. Using experts to deliver what you have to say, gives you a sense of authority, authenticity and accuracy in the communication.
  8. Platform – Lastly, choose a platform that best suits your product or service and is the most popular with your audience. Understanding your audience and the platform most preferred by them is the most important factor to connect with the audience.

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