Why MITSDE is among the Best Institute for Distance Learning Programs?

Distance learning MBA has become one of the most sought-after courses for both fresh graduates as well as professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge. MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE) provides MBA-equivalent courses and is a component of the Maharashtra Academy of Engineering Education and Research (MAEER). MAEER has constantly contributed to the social, economic, and industrial growth of the society for over a quarter of a century. It has helped thousands of students to realize their dreams and aspirations. MIT-SDE is a part of MIT Pune Group which has more than 70 institutions, more than 50,000 students, and 1,00,000+ alumni.


MIT-SDE is one of the top distance learning institutes of Maharashtra, located in Pune. For MBA-equivalent courses, MIT-SDE is one of the best distance learning institutions in Maharashtra and is in-line with the best from the educational world. MIT-SDE is one of the premier institutions in Maharashtra for both Indian as well as international students. It is a government-approved institution and is known to provide the best distance learning options to students.

Why choose MIT-SDE?

MIT-SDE is one of the best institutions for pursuing MBA-equivalent courses. Here are a few reasons why MIT-SDE is the go-to place for distance learning courses:

  • As it is a distance learning course, the course hours are flexible and suitable for the schedule of the students. It greatly reduces unnecessary stress on the students. By pursuing a distance learning course, students can carry forward their studies along with regular jobs, very conveniently.
  • MIT-SDE offers a plethora of specializations for students to choose from, such as Finance, Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, Project Management, Human Resources Management, Operations Management, Infrastructure management, and the like. This gives students the option to pursue an MBA-equivalent degree with their desired specialization.
  • The course material for each of the specializations offered by MIT-SDE is prepared by highly experienced and knowledgeable teachers.
  • The study-material created by the highly experienced team of experts is self-explanatory in nature and is presented in a lucid language. The material includes modules, video-lectures, and additional resources to provide the best guidance to the students.
  • MIT-SDE also provides career counseling by experts in different fields. Career-counselling is offered to every student before and after the completion of the course.
  • Regular webinars are conducted by experts in different fields to explain the difficult concepts in the course. These webinars also help in clearing students’ doubts.
  • The highly experienced and knowledgeable team at MIT-SDE is ever-ready to help the students whenever they have any doubts. The students can easily reach out to their teachers for help as and when required.
  • The commendable infrastructure helps every student excel in whichever field they choose. Some of the courses have been mentioned above while the website gives detailed insights into each.