Scope for Distance Learning in the Post-Pandemic World

Education is the hand that rocks the cradle, for people who dream to rule the world.

Up until the pandemic, preference was given to brick-and-mortar learning institutions rather than online degrees. But the advent of the pandemic has driven and confined everyone to their houses and therefore increased the popularity of online learning.

A few big question marks that these online degrees put are, ‘Is the degree valid?’, ‘Will I get a job if I have an online degree?’, ‘Will I be able to work abroad?’, ‘Is the degree accepted internationally?’

Let’s address these questions to set the records straight once and for all.

Is an online degree valid? – The answer is Yes. It is.

It is natural for such a question to arise since the tangible aspect in the case of online degrees is limited, hence chances of manipulation increase. But there are accreditation agencies that give an accreditation certificate, which says that the degree is authentic and the company/institution has fulfilled all the requirements and fits in all the parameters. 

MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) is one such company that is approved by AICTE, MCCIA and is a member of ICDE.

With the changing times, employers are more open and accepting when it comes to online learning, in fact in some organization employees are motivated to pursue an MBA degree online.

What the employers are looking for is a degree from a reputed university/institute or company. Hence pursuing MBA from a reputed institute such as MITSDE will ensure the employers of the quality of teaching and the possession of the required skill set as per industry standards by the candidate.

A degree from a reputed institute, with all the valid accreditations, will be treated as authentic proof of completion of the course and possession of the required skillset and hence will be accepted across the globe. 

Employer expectations out of online degrees:

  • Many employers are concerned about the level of degree, hence a postgraduate degree will have more impact than a bachelor’s degree.
  • Authentic certificate and reputed institute
  • A relevant degree in line with the requirements for the job.
  • An online degree shows the commitment and willingness of the candidate to upskill.
  • Relevant experience and skills.

The final word, online learning and online degrees are valid, employers consider online degrees as long as the degree is authentic, valid and relevant.