Role of new generation HR in the industry

Those days have surpassed when the Human Resources were solely for the interests of the companies. The duties of the modern-day HR managers revolve around sufficing the needs of both the employee as well as the employers. The HR manager has to play different roles according to different situations. Here are the roles that are played by new-gen HR:

1. Business Head

The task of the business head is to align all his decisions according to the ongoing needs of the business while catering to the global context. An HR manager should think exactly like the head of the business and make smart decisions in varied situations. He should be accustomed to the market trends and keep his company’s operations aligned with it.

2. Finance Manager

Optimizing the resources and minimizing the cost is the most vital concept in this competitive arena. The HR professional should constantly innovate and devise appropriate strategies that focus on the cost reduction. However, it should be ensured that in the quest to mitigate the cost, the quality of deliverables should not be compromised.  In order to efficiently fulfill this role, the manager should have the requisite know-how of the financial aspects of an organization.

3. Marketing Person

It is essential for the HR managers to have sound marketing or selling skills. They act as the brand ambassador for their organization. In the recruitment process, the manager should exactly know how to promote or sell his organization, so that the candidates seek out to get themselves employed in the company.  Branding of the company in the market is essential to get highly-skilled employees in the recruitment process.

4. Strategic Planner

Planning refers to devising appropriate strategies for the future. An HR professional is required to have foresightedness so that he can predict the future scenario and formulate strategies for the company that will be used to set a roadmap for the rest of the staff members.

5. Negotiator

The task of HR professionals involves constant negotiations. Sometimes, he might have to negotiate with his company’s employees to make them work more productively. While at times, he might have to negotiate with people belonging to the top management. HR managers at times, also negotiate with clients to crack a deal for their company.

6. Motivational Guru

The chief responsibility of HR manager is to keep the employees motivated so that they can perform their task optimally. For this, the manger should always pay heed to the queries of the employees and solve them instantly. He should also adopt performance appraisal and reward the outstanding candidates from time to time to keep them engaged and motivated.

Since the task of modern-day HR managers is not an easy one, so the aspiring candidates should make themselves ready to acquire all the requisite skills so that they can do full justice with all these roles. Pursuing PGDBA in HR from MIT School of Distance Education can imbibe you with the technical know-how and pertinent skills to take up all these roles efficaciously. The 2-year course will surely raise your market value and give you a career of your dream.

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