Role of HR beyond what meets the eye

A mail from the HR department or being called to the HR manager’s cabin feels like going into the principal’s office or taking a bitter medicine except when it’s about a promotion or leave approval.

The HR department is seen as an enemy as a general notion, but in reality, the work of HRD is much more than simply crediting salary and approving leaves. And today in the time of a pandemic when the existence of any physical office is debatable and people are going into depression working from home for more than a year now, the role of HR has become most crucial to uplift the spirits of the employees and maintain or increase productivity.

HRD is responsible for creating and maintaining communication with the employees and ensuring that they are comfortable working from home and can give the required output despite the circumstances.

The HR is responsible for ensuring that no employee is discriminated against, feels excluded and the teams are working in harmony. HR is like the emotional centre of any organization as it deals with the technical processes of an employee life cycle and the emotional life cycle of an employee in an organization.

It is the duty of the HRD to reassure the employees that even though the business is not doing that well and it’ll take time to adjust to the constantly changing circumstances, maintaining a positive state of mind is of utmost importance.

Being an HR manager is a tough task, hence understanding its importance and the nitty-gritty of the same becomes important to be a successful HR professional. MITSDE’s PGDM in Human Resource Management is one such program that dives deep into the nuances of the role of an HR manager and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Human Resource Management, goes a long way in not only securing a job as an HR professional but also becoming a successful HR professional and managing team of large size with ease, especially in the tough times of the pandemic.

In all fairness, it can be said that being an HR is not limited to only the recruitment and selection process, but also taking care of the emotional well being of an employee too which will, in turn, generate output and revenue for the organization which will be detrimental to the sustainability of the organization.