Nourish your experience with a new perspective through MITSDE’s Executive Management Course

What is the basic aspect of any educational institute, providing education! 

But what is education?

It is an insight or perspective combined with understanding & application that propels the receiver forward and helps achieve new heights. This is where MITSDE steps in!                                                    

MIT School of Distance Education has launched courses especially for people who have been working in the industry for some time now and those who wish to upgrade & update their knowledge or are looking for a shift in their career trajectory, MITSDE’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) is the perfect fit. 

Why is this course suitable for a person with experience?

One would argue that if one has experience of 5 more years, then they already possess industry knowledge and have a deep understanding of the nooks and corners of the industry, then why would such an individual opt for a PGDM and what more can he/she gain?

The answer is simple, perspective. Spending many years in an industry makes the person see it from a certain angle, which may or may not be current, relevant, feasible or applicable to the latest updates in the industry. For a dynamic industry, the person too has to be dynamic to survive and succeed. Hence what the person needs is perspective. A new angle, a fresh solution to the same old problem.

The Executive program focuses on the practical aspects of the industry and serves to guide the student on how to incorporate upcoming changes by touching upon certain basics and aiding the participants of this experiential journey to see various applications from a different perspective.