Nature and Scope of Operation Management

Operation management, as the name suggests, is managing the operations and functionality of the business. It involves the tasks and skills required to plan, organise and direct the activities in order to achieve the task of the day. Usually, operation management is more identified with the manufacturing process. However, if one observes, the necessary process of operation management is required in every industry. Operation management is one of the essential in every business, especially in the business of manufacturing. Hence, completing a course in the operation management would always help the people who want to be a subject matter expert in the field of operation management. The nature and scope of operation management are stated below.

Operation Management is very critical in achieving the objective of the business.

Every business is incepted with a specific objective in mind, and the business does its best to achieve it. If the resources within the company are not appropriately allocated to achieve these objectives, then this would affect the net profits of the company. Hence, to achieve the objective of the company in a structured and disciplined way operation management comes into the picture. Operation manager ensures that there is better coordination between the various departments of the business in order to achieve the objective of the business.

Operation Management helps in utilising the resources at the optimum level.

One of the jobs of the operation manager is the optimum utilisation of the resources. The operation manager is responsible for strategising the resource allocation in the business and for making sure that the resources are being used as per the decided strategies. This will help in getting a direction towards the achievement of the objective of the goals of the company. The operation manager always checks that the resources in the business are used to the optimum, and none of the resources is wasted while doing the job.

Operation Management aids in enhancing the productivity of the employees

With the increasing focus of the business to be customer-centric, it is imperative that the assignment or the project took for the client is given to them on time as any delay would affect the image of the company. Hence, here the skill of operation management comes into the picture; the operation managers deploy various techniques like improving the internal systems or monitoring the internal procedures. Therefore, one can say that operation management is the enforcement of the required practices for the business in the best possible way.

Operation Management is vital for all types of business organisation

The operating process of all the industries is the same. Hence the operation management is an essential department in all types of business, manufacturing and services industries alike. Operation management is considered a problem-solving department. With the help of the operation management organisation is able to achieve the objective with the maximum use of the resources available with the business.

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