2020, a year of drastic scenario change has made the marketer rethink their advertising strategy. What was traditionally ‘one of the methods’, has now taken a forefront and the marketers are set to charge with their ‘empathetic’ marketing strategy to build connect. Digital marketing is experiencing glorious days due to the pandemic.

Retailers are now preferring digital mediums to not only promote but also build connect. Retailers are shifting their physical presence to an online one.

Companies like Pepperfry or IKEA are offering a hybrid wherein the customers can ‘experience’ the furniture in person but buy online. E-commerce is being exploited by a number of new entrants, offering a wide assortment of products satisfying various needs, preferences and strata.

Digital medium and analytics tools prove beneficial when targeting a specific set of audience. Personalized and predictive analytics plays an important role in creating a fit between potential customers and e-commerce stores.

Thus, retailers can exploit the disruptive digital mediums and technologies to convert the old brick and mortar to virtual ones.