Future is Private

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the future of social media is going private. The ‘social’ media is turning private, which was the vision of Zuckerberg for a long time.

It is ironic to think that social media, which came into being with the idea of connecting to people far and wide is planning to go private to bring the connections even closer.

Marketers are worried about rapidly changing social media trends and policies, which are keeping them on their toes. The latest trend suggests that marketers keep their audience engaged through keeping their address to the audience direct, clean and value-adding. Focusing on public feeds and shifting the focus from organic searches is the way to be noticed, on a platform where people are more than ever focused on staying away from the noise.

Marketers need to use a blend of bots and human interaction. In case of common questions, bots prove to be effective but in case of building ‘connection with the brand’ and handling the nuances, human intervention deems fit.