What is the difference between PGDBA and MBA?

In the present scenario, management courses are becoming exceedingly popular. This can be attributed to the fact that management is essential for the smooth running of every business. Since innumerable students look for management courses, various institute offers degree and diploma courses in management. So, students have lots of options by their side when it comes to management courses. They can choose from PGDM, PGCM, PGDBA and MBA course. In such a scenario, students become perplexed in making a choice. When it comes to the final choice, students are generally confused between a PGDBA and MBA course. These courses sound similar and offer same information, but there are a few things that create a difference between them and choosing the right one can brighten your career.

The key differences which separate the two are as follows:

Duration and course details

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a sought-after management course that prepares future managers and entrepreneurs. After the completion of the course, a management degree is awarded to the students. The professionals enjoy a lucrative career after the course and they can even open their own venture. MBA is spanned across a duration of 2 years.

PGDBA or Post Graduation Diploma in Management is a 2-year diploma program usually offered by the distance education institutes recognised by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), like MIT-SDE. This diploma course is similar to an MBA but better than it as the course is updated with industrial trends. So, it is an industry-specific course.


The MBA program offers specialisations in almost every field, viz. Human Resource, Operations, Risk, Marketing, Information Technology, etc. It provides theoretical knowledge to the candidates. The student must choose a suitable specialisation matching his/her talent and interest so that students can cope up with the challenges of the industry easily.

MIT-SDE’s PGDBA can be pursued in specialisations such as Operations, Finance, Information Technology, Materials, Marketing and many more. These specialisations give wide exposure to the industrial environment and focus more on imparting practical knowledge to individuals thereby leading to better jobs and experience.

Course Structure

PGDBA has a flexible course structure that is updated according to the industrial changes. So, the students get field-specific knowledge in accordance with the ongoing scenario. The wide curriculum of PGDBA makes one skilled enough for the future and accustomed with the industrial landscape.

On the other hand, an MBA program is quite rigid in its curriculum and somehow fails to inform students with the latest updates of the industrial environment. The MBA course remains same for years without a single change. So, it gives same knowledge every year and does not update the students with any change in the business environment.


An MBA course is a pioneer course. So, it is tremendously overpriced and granted by the top private universities of India. Most of the students have to take an education loan to pursue this full-time course and even attend the classes regularly.

On the contrary, PGDBA course is an affordable and flexible course. It is an industry-relevant course imparted by MIT-SDE. Its fee structure is quite low. A PGDBA course is quite reasonable and MIT-SDE also allows its students to pay the fees in installments. There is also a provision of scholarship by MIT-SDE for meritorious students.

Clearly, PGDBA is a better choice than distance MBA as the course is updated regularly and fees is reasonable. If you wish to enhance your employ-ability, then apply for admissions at MIT-SDE right away.