Steps in Employee Selection Procedure

Do you aspire to become an HR manager? If so, then you should pursue a course in Human Resource Management and master your skills for the job role. However, before opting for the course, you should have an idea of duties you’ll be expected to perform as an HR manager.

The task of an HR manager is multi-faceted. It involves selecting the employees, training them, getting them accustomed with the rules and regulations of the organisation, motivating them, carrying out performance appraisal & rewarding the best performers, and taking care of the grievances of the employees.  Out of these, the most crucial task of a manager is to select suitable candidates to fill up various positions in the organisation.

Various steps are involved in the process of selection which finally leads to the selection of the best employees.  The key steps in the selection procedure are mentioned below:

Preliminary Screening

This primary step in selection is to check whether the candidate who has applied for the job post is physically as well as mentally suitable for it. This step is basically performed to see whether the candidate is competent to fulfill all the minimum qualifications and to eliminate those who fail. The preliminary screening is mostly performed by the receptionist or subordinates, just to check whether the candidate is creditable to go to the next round.

Application Blank

In this application blank, the candidates need to fill their personal information such as their age, marital status, experience, interests and many more in the application form. This is considered to be the candidate’s written record.  When the forms are filled by all the candidates, these are scrutinised and the suitable ones are short-listed for the written test. However, there are different application forms depending upon the jobs.

Employment or Selection Test

Every individual has a different mental capacity and physical quality so there are different tests to test different traits. Employment tests are performed to determine the candidate’s skills and aptitude since it is assumed that human behaviour and its traits can be measured through sampling. Through this test, the most suitable candidates are identified and sent to the next round.

Selection or Employment Interview

This involves face-to-face interview of the candidate with the panel of judges which includes HR managers, employer and members of top management. In the interview, various questions are put in front of the interviewee. Some questions are asked pertaining to the field of operation while some are general questions that are put up just to gauge the suitability of the interviewee as well as his/her persona. Moreover, the information given by the candidate in the application blank is also cross-checked and the candidate is given a complete picture about his job role and the company’s background.

Medical or Physical Examination

After the interview, suitable candidates go through a physical test or medical test to check their physical fitness for the job. This is also done to check whether the candidate is not suffering from any serious disease which in the future may cause the problem to him as well as the enterprise.

Checking References or Background

Every candidate is required to fill the reference column in the application blank. In the final step of selection, the HR managers contact those references to verify the information provided by the candidate.

Final Approval

At last, the most suitable candidate who clears all rounds is selected and is asked to join the organisation in the specified date. The offer letter is given to the candidate with all the details.

Closing notes

These were the steps involved in the process of selection. Every HR of a reputed organisation follows these steps. You can also learn to effectively carry out the process of staffing and other skills that are essential to become successful HR managers by pursuing our Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course in HR management.