Role of HR in Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is an integral part of every organisation. Through it, the top performers, as well as the weak performers, can be identified. So, the organisation can reward the top performers and encourage the weak ones to perform better by analysing their problems. It is the duty of the HR department to design and implement a performance appraisal plan. It is the HR team that is predisposed to ensure that the process is implemented smoothly.

The Role of HR in Performance Appraisal
  1. The appraisal process is designed by the HR team. HR managers ensure that the process is simple and less time-consuming. HR team designs the system in such a way that the overall performance of an employee can be rated with respect to the assigned responsibilities.
  2. They make the lucid and transparent system so that every employee can understand it. It is the task of HR managers to brief the entire system to all the employees. They have to explain to the employees that appraisal is not conducted in order to insult anyone but to set performance goals for them. It gives chances to the employees to grow. Furthermore, an appraisal is not only about increasing the salary of the employees, but it is the method of providing feedback to employees in order to guide them.
  3. HR team coordinates with the reviewing authorities in order to ensure the appraisal process is done on time and the deserving candidate gets suitably rewarded. It is the task of HR managers to ensure that appraisal is given to all the deserving employees. The appraisal should be fair. While assessing the performance, apart from daily duties, behavior, punctuality and the relation of the employee with other co-workers should is also considered for the appraisal process.
  4. After evaluation of performances and selection of employee for the appraisal, it’s the duty of HR to hand over the appraisal letter and review report to employees.
  5. The HR team also takes care of the fact that the employees are satisfied with the appraisal. It should be clear to everyone why a particular employee got an appraisal.
  6. After all these processes, HR team takes the feedback from all the employees about the appraisal process. The HR managers try their best to take a decision that is in favor of all the employees and they even try to pacify the employees who are dissatisfied.
Closing note

The role of an HR manager is not just confined to recruitment. They are responsible to ensure that the employees are motivated to work at their optimum productivity. They are also responsible to evaluate the performance of the employees. You can grab all these skills and industry knowledge by pursuing a distance MBA equivalent course in HR from MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE). Our PGDM and PGDBA courses are better than correspondence MBA as we regularly update our course materials and syllabus. So, apply for admission right away and fast-track your career.