How to deal with difficult employee personas?

A manager faces many challenges when getting any job done. Strategic planning, budget allocation, and deadlines are just a few. However, an unaccounted problem is handling people.

People management is a skill that every manager must imbibe. Human resources are the crucial assets of any company. They build or break brands. Employee productivity decides the future of the company.

However, unlike machines, managing human resources can seem daunting. Here’s a guide on various personality traits of employees and the ways to deal with them – 

  • Passive-aggressive employees: Such people hesitate to cooperate with the manager or the team or openly show their anger or disagreement with any decision. They often resort to sarcastic comments, deliberately cause delays in the process, or subtly undermine the authority. When dealing with them – 
    • Be very clear with your expectations
    • Assign them tasks that have detailed and specific guidelines and a fixed timeline
    • Assertively communicate with them regarding their behaviour and how it affects the team.
  • Argumentative or confrontational: These employees often engage in an argument with other team members or can intimidate them.
    • Remain calm & do not engage in any conflict with them
    • Engage in a positive dialogue with them 
    • Get them to focus on the task at hand
  • Micromanagers: These employees like to control each aspect of the project. They tend to dictate every detail and are insistent on following their work method. These individuals excessively control and monitor others. How to deal with them – 
    • Offer regular updates on your progress and involve them in decision-making when necessary
    • Discuss and negotiate boundaries, ensuring a healthy level of autonomy
    • Seek clarity on their expectations to avoid misunderstandings
  • Gossip mongers: Grapevine communication is an age-old problem in any organisation. Gossip creates discomfort, disagreements, and jealousy, leading to a disturbed work atmosphere. The best way to deal with such employees is to – 
    • Not engage in gossip
    • Confront those who spread rumours in the team 
    • Channel their energy towards more challenging work
    • Establish open lines of communication with colleagues
    • If necessary, report their behaviour to a supervisor or HR
  • Procrastinators or avoiders: These people tend to put off doing work till the last minute. They might also be introverted, so they avoid interaction with others. They prefer working in silos and may be hypersensitive to criticism. 
    • Engage in a personal conversation with them
    • Give them independent tasks
    • Try to ease them into the team
    • Give them a strict deadline and follow through

Adapting your approach based on the specific situation and individual is essential. Focus on maintaining professionalism, addressing the behaviour rather than attacking the person, and accommodating different personality traits. An HR manager should tackle different employees as per their nature to effectively draw maximum productivity.

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