Career in Operations Management, Its Importance & Benefits of Joining MIT-SDE’s PGDM Program

Operations management can be said as the administration of business organization practices for creating the highest possible of efficiency in an organization. It is often concerned with converting business materials and labour into goods & services in an excellent manner to maximize the profit of the organization.

Operations Management studies motive is to provide an understanding of the terminology and practical exposure to Operations Management. For developing grasps on the concepts of practices and strategy which is relevant to operations management. In this subject, you will gain an ability to analyze and solve problems which are connected to operational management. Evaluate the concepts, systems and strategies relevant to operations management. Operation management helps in the overall achievement of organization goals and assists in gaining more gratitude towards society. Thus, operations management is considered as one of the essential functions of a business organization. Operation management is vital for an organization as it –

  • Helps in the achievement of the ultimate goal: Operations management has made a practical effect in achieving of planned objectives of the entire organization. It enables employees morale and going continuously ongoing of entire operations.
  • Enhances Employee efficiency & productivity: Operation management enhances the efficiency of employees. This function makes sure the best possible outcome of employees and productivity in the organization. Operation manager provides training and motivates their staff for best performance.
  • Improve goodwill & reputation: Operation management ultimately helps in gaining the reputation and goodwill of the organization. This function provides the best quality products to satisfy customers and makes them happy.
  • Optimum utilization of resources: Operation management focus on achieving optimum utilization of entire resources of organization. It is done with a planned strategy and in a continuous manner in an organization. Operation managers work on ensuring activities and check that optimum resources are utilized in an efficient manner.
  • Enhances morale of Employees: Operation management enhance employees to do their best towards their work. Operation managers manage whole staff in performing accordingly allotted work in a positive atmosphere. Employees are generally appreciated and rewarded for their better work performance.

The eligible criteria for PG Diploma in operations management courses which required any graduate bachelor’s degree with 50% of aggregate in any discipline. PG Diploma in Operation management has duration of 18 months at MIT-SDE. Students also use to develop a multidisciplinary foundation of knowledge which is a set of skills from the finance, marketing and statistics fields.

The courses offered by MIT-SDE are equivalent to Distance MBA.  The course provides a desirable concentration in operations management with proper care and worth education which is basically required in Operation management. Students who are enrolled in these programs are taught to apply communications, research and leadership skills, analytical skills to business logistics. It helps in shaping the career of students who are going to pursuing Operation management. It helps in shaping the career of students who are pursuing Operation management. To offer global learning opportunities to students, MIT-SDE has initiated a LinkedIn Learning facility with a training structure to assure the overall personality development of the students.

Further, there is a huge scope and ample job opportunities for this field where there is a need for qualified Operation management professionals. Some of the job positions available regarding Operation management are –

  • Operation manager
  • Materials manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Operations research analyst
  • Industrial production manager