Can you take up digital marketing after a BBA degree?

Businesses rely on digital platforms to connect with their customers, generate leads, get more traffic on the website, inform customers about new products or engage existing customers.

A marketer is responsible for creating and maintaining the customers of the company. They must create a company’s presence on various platforms to reach the maximum target audience. Hence, a keen knowledge of digital marketing is crucial in the digital age.

Bachelor in Business Administration or BBA is a degree that imparts the fundamental knowledge of business functioning and processes. The BBA Marketing degree equips you to enter the world of business. However, to grow in the evolving space of marketing, a marketer must have additional skills like – 

  • Communication – A marketer has the vital task of communicating the product’s attributes, benefits and advantages. They convince people to purchase the product or service. Hence strong communication skills are a core competency of any marketer.
  • Leadership – The domain is for, by and directed towards people. Hence to grow in marketing, one must possess leadership skills to lead a team successfully. 
  • Research – A curious mind and the ability to adapt to changing trends are required to stay relevant. It comes through researching and staying updated with the current market conditions.
  • Problem-solving – The domain is highly volatile and unpredictable. External political, legal, environmental, social and economic factors also affect the strategies. Hence, quick adaptability and a problem-solving attitude are essential.
  • Analytics – Data-driven digital marketing strategies bring more accurate, compelling and successful results. Thus, understanding and interpreting the data requires analytical skills.
  • Creativity – To stay relevant in the ever-changing market, the communication style, mediums and techniques must be changed. The medium and style should be suitable for communicating with different customer segments and making your brand stand out. Hence, skills like creativity and storytelling are crucial.
  • Time management – Time management is essential to plan & schedule ads and leverage moment marketing to drive results.

A postgraduate degree or PG Diploma in Digital Marketing can imbibe such valuable skills to make you a holistic marketer. Pursuing an online digital marketing course is also equally beneficial.

A study expects the market size of the digital advertising industry in India to be Rs. 359 billion.

The salary of a digital marketer in India is in the range of Rs. 3.5 LPA to Rs. 10 LPA, with an average of Rs. 4.5 LPA.

To excel in digital marketing, you should upgrade your skills after graduation. For this, you can pursue a Post Graduate Certificate from MIT School of Distance Education.

What is MIT SDE, and how does it help in upskilling?

MIT School of Distance Education is an AICTE-approved distance learning institute. It understands the current skills gap in the market and strives hard to reduce it.

MITSDE offers a wide array of specialisations, Post Graduate Certificate (PGCM) course in Digital Marketing being one of the most-demanded courses. The course provides you with a wide array of career opportunities after a BBA degree, such as – 

  • Digital marketing executive
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Content writing executive
  • Content manager
  • SEO manager
  • Social Media manager
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Acquisition manager

PG Certification in Digital Marketing (PGCM Digital Marketing) course covers –

  • Basics of online marketing
  • Benefits of digital marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Various Social media platforms & social media marketing (SMM)
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Social Media Analytics & Future Trends

The course does not have any eligibility criteria or an entrance exam. Anyone possessing a graduate degree can pursue an online digital marketing course. MITSDE awards a digital marketing certificate upon course completion.