Building a Stronger Team: Best HR Practices for 2024

The world of work is constantly changing. Human Resources i.e. HR departments, need to keep up with these changes. In 2024, use HR best practices to attract top talent, improve employee well-being, and boost your organisation’s success.

Prioritise Employee Well-being

Happy and healthy employees are productive employees. Focus on initiatives that promote well-being:

Balance work and life by offering flexible schedules, remote work, or shorter workweeks for employees to manage personal lives.

Help employees with their mental health by offering access to EAPs or other resources for emotional well-being.

Wellness programs encourage healthy habits with on-site fitness classes, healthy food options, or wellness challenges.

Example: A company offers a flexible work schedule. It allows employees to choose their work hours within set parameters. This helps employees manage childcare, appointments or other personal needs. This reduces stress and promotes a better work-life balance.

Invest in Continuous Learning and Development

Employees who feel valued and offered opportunities to learn new skills are more engaged and productive.

Training programs help employees learn new skills for their jobs or future career goals.

Mentorship programs connect experienced employees with new hires to provide guidance and support for professional development.

Tuition reimbursement offers financial assistance to employees who pursue further education or professional certifications.

Example: A company provides a training program on new software relevant to the employees’ daily tasks. This investment helps employees adapt to new technology and work more efficiently.

Foster Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

A diverse workforce brings a wider range of perspectives and experiences. Here’s how to create a more inclusive environment:

Unbiased hiring practices: Focus on skills and qualifications, not background. Use diverse interview panels and develop clear job descriptions.

Unconscious bias training: Educate employees on unconscious bias. Learn how to make fair and objective decisions in the workplace.

Employee resource groups (ERGs): These are employee-led groups that help not well represented employees feel like they belong in the company.

Example: A company implements unconscious bias training for all employees. This includes managers involved in the hiring process. This helps identify and address potential biases during recruitment and selection.

Embrace Technology

HR technology can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the employee experience.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for technology to manage job applications, screen resumes, and schedule interviews.

Use software to set goals, give feedback, and track employee performance electronically.

Employee self-service portals provide online access to company info, paystubs, benefits and personal details for employees.

Example: A company uses an ATS to manage online applications. This allows them to review resumes and schedule interviews more efficiently. This saves time and resources for the HR team.

Encourage Open Communication and Feedback

Open communication builds trust and helps address issues before they escalate.

Regular meetings: Conduct regular team meetings. Town halls to keep employees updated on company news, goals and changes.

Employee surveys: Conduct anonymous employee surveys to gather feedback on company culture, work environment and leadership style.

Open-door policy: Encourage employees to feel comfortable raising concerns. Offer suggestions directly to their manager or HR representatives.

Example: A company conducts quarterly employee surveys to gather feedback on employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. This feedback allows the HR team to address concerns and develop initiatives to improve the work environment.


By implementing these best practices, HR teams can play a crucial role in attracting and retaining top talent. It improves employee satisfaction and drive organisational success in 2024.

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