Scope and Upcoming Trends in Operations Management

The real artist in a full-scale symphony orchestra is the maestro, who guides the instrumentalists and creates the melody. Had it not been for the maestro, the beautiful melodies will come crashing down like a house of cards and all that will be left is cacophony.

Similarly, a business is melodious if it has a good maestro. The role of an Operations Manager is often undermined and not given enough credit. The Operations Manager is like the maestro of the business, ensuring the departments are in sync, and the music ensuing is a melodious one.

The year 2020, has put the ability of operations managers to test since a gap in demand and supply was inevitable. The year 2020 is a case study year when it comes to sustaining the supply chain irrespective of the numerous constraints.

The future of operations management in the light of the pandemic looks like – 

  • Gartner, predicts that the coming two years will see a dramatic, 50% spike in enterprise data that’s not only distributed but both created and processed outside the data centre. This means there will be information overload, and converting the data into information will be the biggest task of the operations department.
  • Department-wide communication. A new communication system is starting to shape up due to the pandemic and the work from home policy.
  • Maintaining the inventory and finding sourcing alternatives for sustaining the supply chain.
  • Shifting from brick and mortar infrastructure to remotely managed and digitally handled production, inventory management and coordination. To have an agile supply chain to ensure that production levels can steadily meet demand without creating excess inventory.  
  • Understanding the shifting demand preferences of the customers and working closely with the customer relationship management team to make required changes in the supply chain and production. 

Operations management has a bright future, according to the US News and World Report, operations management jobs will grow by an estimated 12.4% between 2012 and 2022. 

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