Why is social media live streaming so popular?


Social media has become a widely used platform. It has reached far and wide across the globe. 

Statistics say that there were 4.59 billion active social media users globally in 2022. 

The unique feature that revolutionized the social media industry was the live streaming feature. 

Live streaming or live video broadcasting refers to the real-time transmission of videos over the Internet. It is a tool to broadcast live footage over the internet to the target audience. It is predominantly used by the online gaming industry. The leading platforms in this sector amassed almost 7.2 billion hours of content watched in 2022.

Anyone can resort to social media to achieve their business goal. It may be a small company, a chef, a painter, a fitness instructor, a makeup artist, a musician, a dancer, etc. 

Live streaming can help them reach their target audience, engage them, and build a following, and credibility.

Social mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Twitch, etc. are the most commonly used platforms for live video broadcasting. These platforms are easier to use, are popular, and have a wide audience base.

Another added advantage of these platforms is that they are free. Social media marketing strategies revolve around these platforms. Utilizing these platforms effectively has many benefits for individuals and brands. Influencer marketing is flourishing thanks to these streaming platforms.

The advantages of live streaming are – 

  • Interactive and engaging platforms – The mediums allow the audience to directly interact with the broadcaster. Many social media influencers use live streaming to interact with their fans, talk to them about their new videos, and products or even answer fan questions, live. This heightens engagement and increases fan following.
  • Convenience These social media platforms are easily accessible, easy to use, and widely used across the globe. It does not require the broadcaster to have special equipment, broadcasting rights, or any production budgets. A mobile phone and a room with good lighting are enough to start streaming.
  • Universal – It is universal and can be done by anyone. It can be a great option for those wanting to start or grow their career as social media influencers. Since influencers are not celebrities but ordinary people sharing their daily lives on these medium makes them real, relatable, and universal.
  • Monetized efforts – Just like celebrities get paid to endorse a brand social media influencers get paid to endorse brands. And doing so through live streaming helps them monetize their efforts of generating content and attracting an audience. Live streams have various sources of making money such as funds or donations, paid subscriptions, advertisements, sponsorship, brand endorsements, pay-per-view content, etc. 
  • Large audience – There is no limit on the number of people who can view the streaming, hence the streamers can cater to a wide audience. According to research, 80% of audiences prefer live video to written blog content. 

Social media is an integral part of daily internet usage. Hence leveraging these mediums is essential in any digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing campaigns for specific buyer personas, content marketing, and social media marketing form the important pillars of digital marketing. 

The digital marketing universe is undergoing multiple changes. Hence marketers constantly need to update their knowledge and skill set to stay ahead of the competition.

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