Is Distance Education Worth Studying?

Many students have this question in their mind whether distance learning is a worthy investment or simply wastage of money. We’ll address this question in this post.

We are residing in a technology-driven world. Today, distance education is all the rage as it allows students to study at their pace. This flexible mode of education is a lifesaver for working professionals and for candidates who are unable to complete their education due to financial shortage, physical barriers or personal issues. However, many students are skeptical about pursuing the course as they believe its degree/diploma/certification has no value.

The reality differs from the notion. Distance education is a flexible mode of education that doesn’t require students to visit colleges to attend regular classes. But that doesn’t mitigate its value. In fact, students get access to the updated curriculum and gain vast knowledge when they study via distance learning. They study through updated study material that is prepared by experts. Distance education allows candidates to study and upskill by studying from any physical location and at any time. Furthermore, employees give equal importance to distance education degrees as a regular degree so distance education is a worthy option.

Due to the increasing demand for the course, a number of institutes are offer distance education courses. MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE) is one of the top distance learning institutes of the country. MIT-SDE is a digital learning wing of MIT Pune. This educational institute specializes in offering management courses that are on par with Distance MBA.

Why pursue MIT-SDE’s courses?  

Distance MBA is one of the highly preferred courses in India due to the impressive career prospects that it offers. The management courses offered by MIT-SDE are available to students at nominal fees. Furthermore, there is a provision to pay the fees in installment.

MIT-SDE offers PGDM, PGDBA and PGCM courses that have durations of 1.5 year, 2 year and 1 year respectively. These courses can be pursued in exciting specializations such as Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Operational Management, Energy Management, Marketing Management, Modern Office Management and many more.

The main reason to pursue a distance MBA is not only its reasonable cost but also the experience and quality of education. In the field of management, students are liable to gain better jobs if they have work experience. The candidates with high experience gain lucrative jobs more easily. Hence, distance education gives an opportunity to students to work along with study. With distance education, they can easily work and study at any hour of the day and at any place.

Some of the perks of MIT-SDE’s courses are:

  • Study material is prepared by industry experts and subject matter experts
  • Learning Management System is exploited to impart education. Modules, video lectures and study materials are uploaded to students’ account.
  • Webinars are organized by experts to clarify the doubts of students.
  • The modules are self-explanatory and prepared according to industry trends.
  • MIT-SDE’s experts also offer career guidance.
  • There is a provision to pay fees in instalments to allow students  to study the course without any burden financial 

Thus, if you are willing to pursue an MBA course, you must definitely choose distance management courses from MIT-SDE as it will be worthy investment of you time and money.