Why Distance Learning will Become More Popular than On-Campus Learning in the Next Decade?

We are living in a connected world that is driven by technology. Everything around us has transformed for good from manufacturing sector to education sector. The modes of education have also transformed. Today, distance education is at disposal of learners so that they can learn and receive education without any obstacle. Distance education serves as a convenient mode of learning whereby the learners can study at a convenient place and at a suitable time slot. In this way, distance education allows individuals to enhance their skills and shape a better career. The flexibility of this mode of education has made it the best choice for innumerable learners.

According to industry stats, the students in distance learning/e-learning will grow by 44% by 2021 and the numbers will increase further by the end of the decade. This increase in popularity of distance education can be attributed to several reasons.   

Advantages of distance learning over traditional learning

There are several perks of distance education over traditional education:

  • Distance education is highly flexible. The students can study according to their convenience.  
  • It saves time of students that is otherwise spent in commuting. Students can utilize this time in studies or to carry out significant activities.
  • Distance education is cheaper than regular education. In case of distance learning, students learn through modules, online study materials, e-mails or face-to-face video tutorials, etc, which saves cost.
  • This form of education is suitable for both students and working professionals who are unable to study further due to professional commitments, personal reasons, physical barriers and financial difficulty.  
  • The individuals who are willing to pursue their careers in professional backgrounds and be aware of the changing curriculum can easily opt for the option of distance education.
  • Working professionals can pursue distance education to upgrade their skills and keep abreast of new trends to perform their job properly. Furthermore, these skills also help individuals to enhance their chances of promotions.
  • Distance education promotes self-study. Students become capable to go through their inner self to identify their weaknesses, hobbies, and capabilities.
  • The student learns to maintain a balance between his job life and student life. He is able to prepare a personalized timetable and schedule.
  • The students who undergo distance education are capable enough to face challenges and find solutions to their problems. While identifying their issues, they are able to list them under two categories- the ones which are less threatening and the ones which are capable of affecting their studies.

These points signify that distance learning has an upper hand over traditional learning in many ways. And, it will dominate over on-campus learning in the coming decade.

Best distance learning institute in India: MIT-SDE

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