What is the Future of Distance Learning?

We are in the cusp of transformation of education from blackboard-centric teaching to digital education. As per reports, the e-learning industry will cross the 243 billion USD mark by 2022.  This is because distance learning is becoming the prime choice of individuals who want to get educated despite professional commitment, personal barriers, physical boundaries and financial problems. 

In India, the demand for e-learning is mounting gradually. Currently e-learning industry of India is 2nd largest in the world, just trailing behind the US. The industry which was worth 247 million USD in 2016 is expected to soar 1.96 billion USD by 2021 and the user base will also increase by almost 44%.  These stats clearly point out that distance education industry will grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. In fact, many technologies are set to penetrate in the e-learning realm and take the process of dissemination of knowledge to another level.    

Why is distance education gaining popularity?

Distance Education is quite different from traditional education. The former is based on application of digital tools and technologies to impart knowledge while the latter emphasize on the use of traditional methods. The distance education has an upper hand over traditional education in several parameters. Firstly, it is quite flexible as learners can study at their convenient schedule and place. The students have a wide range of subjects at their disposal which might not be available in nearby colleges/universities. It is quite beneficial for working professionals as they can subsequently learn and earn. Furthermore, distance education is also suitable for those students who are either slow learners or feel shy to put up their doubts in a classroom setup.

The study material of distance learning course is uploaded in account of learners or mailed to them. In case of distance education, learners study through self-explanatory modules, video lectures, various internet sources and webinars. The learners can study at their comfort zone with as many repetitions of the modules as they want. Distance Education is even an economical and flexible form of education. The course fee is quite less than that of regular courses. It also allows individuals to upgrade their skills that help them in getting speedy promotions. Without a doubt, you may see distance learning as the most helpful mode of education, particularly when you are in a nation like India where there is a massive battle in getting a wondrous opening for work. Hence, due to these reasons, students are choosing distance learning for higher education.  

There are many distance learning institutes in India offering an assortment of courses. MIT School of Distance Education (MIT-SDE) is one of the best institutes for distance learning courses in management.

MIT-SDE: Best distance learning institute of India

MIT-SDE is a virtual learning wing of MIT Pune, a well-known educational institution of Maharashtra. It offers 1-year Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM), 1.5-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and 2-year Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA). In addition to usual specializations, the courses are available in exciting specializations including Material Management, Operations Management, Retail Management, Finance Management and Infrastructure Management.  

The institute exploits Learning Management System (LMS) to impart knowledge to learners. Here, students get access to lucid modules and video lectures. Furthermore, webinars are also organized by experts to build concepts of students. If you wish to enhance your employability skills, then enrol for admissions at MIT-SDE right away!