Is Distance Learning Identical to Online Learning?

In this era, as off-campus learning is gaining vast status, various questions are being raised regarding distance learning and online learning. Students and education seekers from all around the world get muddled when they hear the two words, ‘Online Learning’ and ‘Distance Learning’. Are they identical or they are different? First, let us look at their definition.   

Online Learning

Online learning refers to a process of learning through the internet. It is can be a certification course or normal study of blogs, articles and whitepapers to gain knowledge about a topic. Sometimes many regular courses also involve online learning, where teachers may give lectures through video conferences. Online learning requires the usage of online learning tools like video cameras, which are powerful enough to convert any place into the virtual classroom.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is that form of education whereby students can gain a degree or diploma without going to school or college. The students can learn from study materials that are sent to them via email or uploaded in their accounts. Distance Education can be pursued without the guidance of teachers and is perfect for those who prefer self-study. This type of learning doesn’t require face-to-face interaction and the classes can be pursued at any time of the day by accessing the internet.

From the above definitions, it is clear that online learning and distance learning have a slight difference. In online learning, a student feels connected with the instructor. But in distance learning, students usually study through modules and other resources. In distance learning, a gap is created between the student and the instructor. Still, if you are confused, then let us go through their differences.

1. Location

Online learning and distance learning can be easily distinguished on the basis of location. Those who choose online learning can pursue their education by sitting in their classroom. The students can use the internet in the classroom and smart classes to get educated.

But, by pursuing distance learning, the students do not have to go to the institutes or colleges to show their presence in front of the instructor.

2. Interaction

Online learning demands some percent of face-to-face interaction between a teacher and students. This is indeed one of the policies in online learning. On the other hand, with distance learning, a student may or may not need any interaction with teachers. Distance learning students can pursue their education just by studying through video lectures, internet and modules.

3. Intention

In online learning, a student learns under the guidance of a teacher. In the case of distance learning, direct teacher guidance is replaced with pre-made instructions.

Thus, now you would be aware of the fact that distance learning is somewhat different from online learning. Furthermore, distance learning is much preferred by the students as it is a flexible mode of education. Students can pursue diploma and degree courses via distance learning. Even working professionals prefer distance education as it allows them to enhance their skills while continuing with their job. Out of the available distance education courses, management courses are most popular due to their bright scope. If you are looking to pursue best in class distance learning course in management, then you should take admission at MIT School of Distance Education.  It is a pioneer distance learning institute of the country that will enhance your employability skills.