Information Technology Careers

Information Technology Management course is gaining popularity these days. Every company has computers, network, software and workstation that need to be in working condition to ensure that the business runs efficiently. Thus, every organisation needs an IT manager who can take care of all these things. So, there is a huge scope for IT managers. It is the task IT managers to carry out planning, monitoring, controlling and managing of IT-related resources.

Scope of IT Management is growing at a rapid pace. As more and more MNCs are entering India, the employment level in IT is reaching peaks. Top companies such as Infosys, Mahindra, TCS, HCL Technologies, etc hire IT managers and offer them a high salary package.

MBA in IT can garner great career avenues for professionals by offering them a variety of jobs. However, to gain success in this field, candidates must have acumen in managing IT systems as well as subordinates. Let’s find different job roles which can be undertaken by MBA:

1. IT Manager

It’s the duty of an IT manager to plan, coordinate and direct activities related to the company’s Information Systems. IT managers look for the company’s needs in IT and examine different ways they can adopt to upgrade their existing systems.

Every company has confidential data installed in their computers and servers. It is the IT manager’s duty to protect the data from hackers or viruses. They have to ensure that the systems are properly used by different members of the company while logging in and off.

It is the task of IT managers to train all the members of the organization about the proper use of technology.

2. Project Manager

After a course in IT management, candidates can even become a project manager of IT projects. Different aspects of a project such as a plan, budget, document, and systems are maintained and regulated by project managers. A project manager must be an expert in handling a project and in ensuring that the project is being completed in the agreed time and within the assigned budget. When working for the top companies, a project manager can easily earn a decent salary.

3. IT Director

IT Director has to perform various duties related to the management and IT infrastructure of an organization. He/she has to work with IT engineers in order to manage business activities effectively. The candidate must be highly skilled to take up this position. An ideal candidate must possess sound technical knowledge and he/she must know how to effectively manage different business activities. Apart from these specialties, IT Director must also be an expert in communication and leadership skills to gain maximum success in his field.

Clearly, the scope of IT managers is quite vast. However, a candidate must possess sound technical skills along with managerial traits to make his mark in the field. If you want to make your career in the field, then you should pursue your course from the top management institute of the country, MIT School Of Distance Education (MIT-SDE). MIT-SDE offers PGDM and PGDBA courses in IT management to train the candidates in making their mark in the IT industry.