Importance of Time Management for Distance Learning Students

Distance Learning is a boon for innumerable individuals as it allows them to learn according to their schedule and convenience. This mode of education also allows working professionals to continue their education along with their job and fast-track their career.

Most of the individuals prefer distance education as they cannot pursue regular classes due to professional commitments or personal responsibilities. So, such individuals usually study according to their availability. They have to integrate studies in their daily schedule. For this, they need to manage their time. At MIT School of Distance Education, we encourage our students to manage their time to learn effectively.

Time Management and its importance in distance learning

In the case of traditional learning, there are regular classes. So, the learners study at a specific place and time that too in a conducive environment. The students have a fixed schedule so studies go as planned. However, online learning is quite different and the learners have to create a conducive learning environment themselves. The learners study at any hour of the day according to their schedule. In such a scenario, time management is pivotal. They have to manage their daily schedule to take out time for distance learning.

It’s true that time doesn’t wait for anyone. If time is not used wisely, it flows away and you will not be able to do things appropriately as planned. Hence, the distance learner has to be disciplined so as to use the time wisely. Inefficient use of time will delay goals, interrupt study schedule, leave you behind in terms of syllabus and make you highly stressed.

How to learn time management?

In order to ace time management, you should be determined, persistent and highly-motivated. A strong-minded individual plans his/her schedule well and are determined to effectively follow the planned schedule so that the time is utilised appropriately.

Learning time management is not an easy task. So, one has to be strongly devoted to spare time for studies from the busy schedule. One cannot learn time management in one go, so he/she must be in regular practice so as to make it a habit.

As a learner, you can adopt different time management skill. You must keep yourself motivated to achieve time management goals. The accomplishment of various goals of time management itself acts as the main source of motivation.

How to manage time in distance learning?

Distance learning is all about self-study. Since the students have the flexibility to study anytime and at anyplace, they have to take control of their studies. So, distance learners must be able to organise their daily tasks in such a way that they can easily spare some time for learning.

A distance learner must also look into his/her environment and find a time and place when he/she can study without distractions. A learner can choose to study late night, mid-afternoon or early morning, according to his/her productivity and suitability of environment. It is worthless to study at hours when there are lots of distractions, as you’ll gain nothing in terms of knowledge. Furthermore, you should plan your lessons each day and study accordingly. You can allocate tie for each module to ensure that you learn effectively while managing time. Hence, finding a suitable environment and planning the studies are two ways to manage time effectively.