Importance of Energy management

Energy is one of the most imperative aspects of country’s technological progress. Efficient use of energy and its saving is essential for sustainable development. The process of energy saving is referred to as energy management. Thus, the process of planning energy saving measures, monitoring energy utilization, controlling and conserving energy in a building is termed as energy management. It involves (i) measuring the current energy consumption and formulating strategies and means to save energy, (ii) finding opportunities to save and analyzing the amount of energy that can be saved, (iii) taking action to save energy like replacing tube lights with LED’s and finally (iv) gauging the effectiveness of the energy management.

Advantages of energy management

Energy management is essential for every organization in several ways. In fact, it is the global need to save energy and cut the operational cost which in turn, affects a lot of other areas.

The advantages of managing energy in the organization are as follows:

1. It is a global need

The biggest sources of energy are fossil fuels and conventional sources of energy. Thus energy management is a global concern. It is needed to reduce the damage that it is done to the planet. Conventional sources are limited and with regular generation and utilization of energy, these sources are prone to get exhausted. So, it is a global need to save energy to save the resources and to target towards sustainable development. Management of energy is also needed to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

2. To reduce cost

The more the consumption of energy in an organization, the more will the electricity bill. Energy is needed to make the machines, lights, fans, AC and other devices work. So the cost spent on electricity is a part of the operational cost. With proper management of energy, a big fraction of operational cost can be curbed.

3. Reduce carbon emissions

Energy management can reduce the number of carbon emissions which are detrimental to the environment and also impose a higher operational cost. There are many taxes that are imposed on it, so a reduction in the carbon emissions can reduce the cost and promote sustainable development.  

4. Reduce risk

With the increase in energy consumption, the risk related to hiking in energy prices and supply shortage also increases. This could affect the profitability of the organization. Energy management, on the other hand, can reduce the risk by reducing the demand.

Since energy management is significant for every organization, that is why companies of all types seek for adept energy managers who can take care of the energy utilization of the organization and suggest methods to save energy. The energy professionals work closely with the production managers and environmental managers to ensure proper energy management. The interested candidates can pursue an energy management course to understand the principles and concepts of the sector. MIT School of Distance Education offers Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Management that prepares the student to enter the energy sector. The course is offered via distance education mode so that the candidates can easily pursue the course as per their schedule and convenience. The course material is prepared by subject matter experts and industry experts which makes sure that it imparts both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Enroll in the course right away and shine in your career.



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